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Inspiration and Attitude
Old 19th September 2016
Here for the gear
Inspiration and Attitude

Hi Eric,

When i was still in 9th grade, my classmates and i used to play and chill/ rock out to your music! It was/ is so phat your world/ organic/ electronic sound! Thanks for the experience.

I have 2 questions:

1. What do you feel keeps you to write original/ real music and not necessarily binding your self to a certain genre/ sound or something that "works".

2. You shared your experience with digital and analogue gear. When you´re day to day songwriting, are you obssessed with technical studio optimization such as room acoustics, having the best monitoring set up, only recording in a proper studio, running the best cables etc. ?


Old 20th September 2016
Hi Tamasha, thanks for your message !
I'm working everyday in my studio spending my time with sound design, improvising, making some experiment with my synths, or just listening to some music, sometimes something special happened, some magical in the music and I know that it could be possibly a new track idea. I don't really know why, but most of the time it sounds " Deep Forest ish..."
Regarding Studio optimization, it was my very first concern when I built my studio to make it as perfect as possible, the 2 rooms have special design, one is for " accoustic live recording" and the other is for "recording and mastering ", I choose the Mothership Burl AD/DA to record properly thru Neve and Euphonix desk, so yes at the end it makes a big difference.
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