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Old 17th September 2016
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Vintage Gear

Hello Éric,

I appreciate your music since I was a kid watching to the MTV!

I've noticed you use a lot of vintage synthesizers and outboard.

Does it make a difference to you? What do you think of the character of recent synths? Do you think they would affect you negatively? Thanks!
Old 18th September 2016
Hello Soothing Sound,
Thanks for your message, regarding vintage and outboard... that's a big question... I started to work and make recording session in the 80, at that time the studio was mainly analog and of course no plugins. So when Computers, digital equipments and plugins became available, I felt a big improvement in my work flow, much more easy to experiment. Of course, like the majority of us, I got computers full of plugins, synths, reverbs, delay, FX... it was really easy to work with and I certainly did a lot of productions with all that stuff.

Then few years ago I felt spending too much time in front of my computer screen, using synths plugins was mainly scrolling to presets, make a few adjustments with the mouse and that's it... it was not a very creative process and it was frustrating. So I went back to my "old" synths... to be honest, It was a big pleasure to feel again the vibes of the analog gears but at the same time I felt my work flow had to be redefined from the begining. I took me a long time to setup my equipment and to be able to work efficiently.

Now I believe I found a good balance, I have all my favorite gears around me with the main synth at the sweet spot, everything (Modular (CV), Synths (midi) and computer (ACME) synch to my Cirklon sequencer. Now I feel I have best of the two world, I can make music without switch on the computer, built my arrangement in real time with the Cirklon, the computer is mainly use as a recorder. Regarding recent synths, I got most of them but finally sold it, probably because they don't add so much compare to the one I have in my studio, I'm much more interested by modular, new modules are coming almost every week, and some digital ones are amazing.
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