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Old 16th September 2016
Question Crowdfunding

Hi Éric, great to have you here!

My first question isn't actually about production per se, but about the crowdfunding process you went through to make Evo-Devo.

Can you please tell us about the challenges involved with this?

Without needing to get too specific are you able to break down the amounts into their use (i.e., what % was for studio time, what % for marketing, etc!)

Would you still have been able to make the record if you had only hit 50 or 75% funding?

What tips would you have for lesser-known artists who want to try this route?

Thanks very kindly in advance!
Old 18th September 2016
Hi Whitecat,
The PledgeMusic experience was really positive for me, it was quite fast to reach the target (2 months), The % for marketing was not big at all, the main reason is that Deep Forest is knowned in a lot of country from Australia to Japan, to Russia, Europe, States, South if I spend even a small amount of the budget in every country it's quite useless... it was a much better idea to communicate thru the social medias to announce the new album. Of course it has a limited impact compare to a Major Label marketing campaign but we ll know the market reallity...
I believe that slowly building a strong fanbase on the net is the way to go for a young artist, it's not easy but that way your in touch with the people who listen to your music, and hopefully they will support you if your creative and good enought...
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