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assistants - assistance
Old 9th September 2008
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assistants - assistance

hi dave,

thanks for taking the time out.

often a part of the mix process that gets overlooked but is necessary for the creative process to flow.

could you outline some of the 'prep' work your assistant might do for you before you start to mix? or during for that matter.

Old 15th September 2008
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I have been blessed with some of the best assistants in the world. I am helpless without them. I like to have the protools session spread out on the console. Nothing unusual, drums and instruments to left, vocals and extra inst to the right. The more I need to move the faders on a track, the closer to the center I want them. (I hate doing levels at the extreme ends of the console. I do about 1/2 the rides in ProTools, and 1/2 on the console. There are a couple of outboard chains they hook up. I like my vocals at the top of PT, and then drums, then instruments. It changes sometimes.

I constantly ask my guys if they like this or that. I use them for creative input, and discuss the mix with them. They get quite involved. I like them to be vocal about things I do well, and things that suck.

I use them to print the stems and passes. We print every track as a stem.

Keeping track of all the hard drives and sessions and sending out copies and sending to mastering is in itself a full time job. I someone wants a word up here or there I let them do that also
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