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Dave have you tried Nuendo VS P/Tools DSP Audio Systems
Old 23rd September 2004
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Originally posted by Ruphus
( No fun when you lose weeks or months of work.)
And please note that I´m not fanatic on all this. When expressing thoughts ( even such subjective ones like above against Steinjerk ) I am not thinking of making users feel bad about the product they purchased.
You overestimate the importants of your posts here - it's the tone of someone who gives judgements without spilling the beans what's wrong with applications others use successfully. I see Gearsluts as a professional forum (wrong?) where not everybody and his uncle should spread bad mouthing of products based on nothing? It makes me just angry reading something like your 'statements' or like recently your Waves comments based on older cracks of their plugs. I think it's unfair at least.
Lawrence has made a very reasonable post about other issues involved. And I want to add that even in forums like for Nuendo idiots show up asking questions about their cracked Nuendo version running on low end systems or 'reporting' bugs. It must be a real plaque for companies like Steinberg.
And because you don't have a backup discipline ('lost of weeks or months work') you blame companies for 'loss of files'. What a BS.
Old 23rd September 2004
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Well, for this thread what you say is fact. I dissed Steinjerk stuff for being personally biased against the company for their produsts and policies of the past ( like many other ex users too.) This while I actually don´t run their recent releases.

For the Waves thread however what I said accidentally seems in accordance with a common perception. Looky here just from a user in the neighbour thread.
I'm looking into getting convoloution verb, I hate the waves stuff so mushy and artificial.
Maybe it is your monitoring or your ears that don´t hear what we hear. Maybe that is "BS".

Anyway, I think now that I originally understood your intention which is just to piss me off. I think to have seen you posting on three occasions, two times of which have been to piss someone off personally.
But I´m sorry, having seen you personally and heard you speaking before you don´t belong to personalities who could make me care in any way.

And I don´t think this forum to be good enough for you who are so professional that he fears his CDs to get ripped.

Further if you look under "User CP" there is a function with which you can put my posts on an ignore list, that way you could get rid of some more unprofessionality.


Old 12th September 2008
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Originally Posted by Absolute View Post
The Samplitude is not even in the same league as Nuendo--there really is no comparision--Samp is just not advanced enough and has always been way behind . It has some cool things but its not usuable yet.
Most people who use Nuendo and go to Protools are amazed at how hyped it is. Like--what is all this fuss about. PT looks like Notepad compared to Nuendo. You would think the user interface would be topnotch--but it is probably the worst in Daws. Thats mixer in PT is a joke.

Inside PT has many great things--great editing, moving around parts ect. But it is so obvious that the Nuendo guys are way more talented and have had things, like changing plugins on the fly ect, for years before PT.
Its kind of the complaint people have microsoft(although I dont complain about MS)---they are leader but they dont have the best product.
+1 about the PTHD interface! It is the worst and most expensive in DAW land. I felt the same thing when I started using it. When I get get back to SX3 it is like a vacation from the Industrial-Corporate generic nightmare. Protools is great, but it comes at too high a price and is not the "best" product.
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