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Dave, your monitoring?
Old 13th August 2004
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Dave, your monitoring?

What bigs do you like?

What smalls do you use?

What is your average listening level?

Do you listen much in mono?

Anything else interesting we should know about your monitoring?

Old 13th September 2004
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Bigs--Ausberger Tad system tuned by Bob Hodas. I tune them like big NS10's

Smalls--Old tweater NS10's

I also use the 3" speaker (mono) on the Studer 2track, as well as Auratones

I try to monitor at varying levels during the day. I also like to move around the room some. I also change the lighting a lot during the day.

I use a lot of CD's that I like the vibe (not the sound) of. For example, there are some songs I like where the snare is placed in the mix, so I play that. Some songs I like the hi end on the vocal, some the lo end on the backgrounds, so I play them while I'm initially starting the mix. Once I get into the mix, I don't like to hear anything else. I never reference with my own mixes.

I do listen in mono. One thing I like to do is listen for bottom on little speakers. That keeps you honest.
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