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Mixer's role in the content of modern mixes
Old 12th August 2004
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Mixer's role in the content of modern mixes


How far do you as a mixer influence the content of the track?

Do you get involved in the arrangements, the programming and the sound selection; adding, replacing samples?

Old 12th August 2004
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I like to think that it's a very important role ... almost a 'make it or break it ' role in the process.

I find myself in situations ALL the time where I make decissions in the mixing stage that heavily influence the outcome of a track.

Can be anything from replacing sounds with samples to adding / modifying breaks with sound FX, or leaving stuff out .... thus directly or indirectly but definately influencing the arrangement.

It's how I like to work anyhow.
Old 13th August 2004
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Yeah, Renie and CL

I ALWAYS "augment" the drums. Most producers don't have the facility to hear full spectrum, so I usually add sub to the kik, and maybe a sample with some knock (800-3k). Go right now and pinch the kik and snr from No Doubt's "Hella Good". They are great to add to other samples. I am known here for straightening out failed productions. So I am expected to do whatever it takes to "fix it". But about 1/2 the stuff I get is already pretty close. Every producer wants something different from me. Some want the demo, but slightly better, and some want me to replay everything. I don't think you can have a static approach, every song is different.
Old 13th August 2004
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Dave, two questions:

1. Do you charge differently and get different points when you re-play/replace tons of tracks?

2. How much time do you give for these tasks? Knowing that you're very busy (and thanks for spending time with us), and that every situation is different; how long does it take for a re-build on a song?

OK 3 questions.

3. Do you do the rebuild at home in ProTools and then mix in the expensive room, or do the whole thing on the clock at the expensive room?

Damn! 4 questions:

4. Does the studio time come out of your budget, or do you just pass that along as a line item on your invoice to the label?

Sorry, and thanks.
Old 23rd August 2004
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Just wanted to bump this near the top for when Dave comes back.
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