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Do you lock the client out for the first few hours?
Old 12th August 2004
Do you lock the client out for the first few hours?

Do you ask em to stay out of your hair for a while?

Are they ever there when you first bring the tracks up?

Old 13th August 2004
Guest Moderator - September 08
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need ego stroked

I come from playing in bar bands up and down the east coast for 15 years, so I tend to miss the live audience. Unless the client is actually sitting at the console watching every move, I don't mind. I will usually test them early by making something sound really awful, and if they don't say anything we keep rockin'. I've only had to ask people to leave a couple of times, cause they were messin' with my vibe. But I truly think it is OK to get a couple of hours head start alone. When you finally get a reputation, they tend to love everything you do. The process is very individual, and what works for me might not work for you. Next time you want to clear the room, turn the air conditioning to freezing, turn the lights wide open, and cycle a beat that starts and stops at out of time wierd spots. Then excuse yourself to go pee, and when you come back 5 minutes later the room will be empty!
Old 13th August 2004
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Friggin' brilliant! Extreme yet subtle.

I knew I'd be learnin' something here.
Old 13th August 2004
The wisdom doth flow!!!!

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