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Drum&Bass Dirt Dynamics Processors (HW)
Old 19th September 2015
Drum&Bass Dirt

Hi Dave,
Thanks for doing this.
Very interesting reading about your work with all this great bands.

I'm curious to know a little more about about bass and drum recording process on Dirt. Mics, amps, positions, mixing, vision etc. Both performance- and soundwise Dirt is one of the best rock records ever made.

Old 22nd September 2015
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DaveJerden's Avatar

I recorded the basic tracks (drums and bass) at One on One studio in North Hollywood . I heard about the studio from Lars (Metallica ) and he told me they had a 31" woofer for pumping the
kick through . I rented a PA system and put the snare and toms through it and the kick went through the 31" woofer. The drums sounded like artillery going off. I used Sm57's top and bottom
snare, 421's top and bottom toms, 414's overheads and two sets of stereo room mics. One set close and one far. I also had a Neumann M49 close to the floor about 6' from the drums for the kick. Pre Amps were 1073 Neve's and I used for compression ; 1176's Kick and Snare Fairchild 670's stereo room mics DBX 160's on the toms Summit compressors on the overheads .
For the Bass I had an SVT amp plus A Sans Amp track, and I had an EFX track for bass that had slight chorusing /Flanging PLUS a straight DI track AND a VOX Westminster bass amp with an
18" speaker! So I had 5 tracks Bass! Pre amps were 1073's 1176 compressor on each track . EVERYTHING drums and bass were cut FLAT with only slight EQ on kick and snare (API 550's)
By the way the tops and bottoms on the Toms and Snare were mixed together flopping the bottom mics 180 degrees and putting the compressors across the buss after combining.
Old 24th September 2015
Wow and thanks for sharing.
5 channels on the bass ( : loving it,
the intro bass on "Would", with only Drums and one guitar coming in sounds so fat. Such a great a recording.

Did U use reverb to get the great room sound or is it mostly room mics? Was it a M49 on the bass? Did you use a close mic for kick click?

Old 24th September 2015
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DaveJerden's Avatar

The big sound on the drums came from the room. I did have a dry room type reverb on the drums when mixing.The M49 was on the kick drum not on the Bass ( although that would have worked great ) I put the M49 about 6'-7' from the kick (close to the floor).
Old 25th September 2015
Lives for gear

How do you approach the complexities of mixing 5 tracks of the same instrument together? I would think phase problems would be plenty.
Old 25th September 2015
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DaveJerden's Avatar

Yes , Phase is always a problem. It depends on how it sounds for me. I make sure everything that is recorded IS in phase.
Old 25th September 2015
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And by the way ,as far as phase goes, today when i am mixing another engineers projects I run into all kinds of crazy phase problems starting with the drums. I have been recording analog
most my career without the luxury of DAW's and plug-ins (with latency compensators etc) so I have always been on top of the phase problem. In fact there are two main problems I run into
with many new engineers recordings. One is phase problems and the other is weird gain structures . In seems engineers today chain so many plug-ins without realizing what is happening to
the signal. LESS IS MORE when recording and mixing!
Old 26th September 2015
Gear Nut
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Originally Posted by DaveJerden View Post
LESS IS MORE when recording and mixing!
+5 bass channels for bass

Great level of info/detail - thanks for sharing!
Old 27th September 2015
Lives for gear
baslotto's Avatar
This made my day :D
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