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Alice In Chains Records
Old 16th September 2015
Alice In Chains Records

Dave Jerden, could you talk about what the overall process was like over the years working with Alice In Chains, from preproduction to the tracking and mixing sessions and how they were broken up to capture everyone's performances, and any highlights that you feel about techniques you've implemented with each band member that were crucial and unique to getting those records made?
Old 18th September 2015
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On both AIC records I did (Facelift/Dirt) preproduction was a key component as it in all my productions. I just don't go in blind and start recording. I need to imagine the finished record
before I start.That said , on both records I rehearsed the band throughly. The basic tracks went down easy. For Facelift I recorded the basic tracks in Seattle and for Dirt I recorded the basics
in Los Angeles. The basics for both records were recorded with Neve boards .The overdubs for Facelift were done at Capitol studio A on a Neve while the overdubs for Dirt were done at my
studio (Eldorado) on an SSL. Both records were mixed on an SSL. I have in other threads discussed my technique for the main rhythm guitar 3 amp setup for Dirt. The main rhythm guitars
for Facelift were recorded with a Randall 100 Watt and a Marshall 100 Super lead (left and right guitars ) . For the lead guitars on both albums I used my 1988 Marshall Super Lead 100 watt
modified by Mike Moran . For Laynes Vocals on both records I used a Neuman M49 . We triple tracked all vocals. All Efx were from Stomp boxes except in mixing .
Old 19th September 2015
Thank you, Dave! This sheds a lot of light on some things I always wondered about what I was hearing for so many years (and will continue to do)!
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