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Goldfinger - Hang Ups
Old 15th September 2015
Goldfinger - Hang Ups

First off, i am a huge fan!!!! Goldfinger's "Hang-Ups" is one of my favorite albums of all time. I want to know what it was like working with the band, and most importantly what your process was when taking on this album? The song "This Lonely Place" has such dynamics to where it jumps out at the listener and softens throughout. What was your compression looking like on this record for all of the tracks in the session? I mean the vocal sets perfect within the mix and the guitars as well? Anyways man, Thanks for the great mixes over the years and i hope to hear more.
Old 20th September 2015
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I mixed the album on my SSL . I have compression on every channel plus I have a compressor (Quad mix compressor ) on the output buss . Mixing songs that have soft and loud parts are always a challenge. When I mix I get "inside" the song and try to take it on a journey hopefully to initiate an emotional response. Goldfinger was great to work with as they just let me do what I do.
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