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Distressor Link Function
Old 22nd May 2003
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Distressor Link Function

Mr. Derr,

When using a single distressor, does engaging the link function (without anything patched into the stereo link) do anything other than decrease the strength of the signal going to the detector? In other words, does this make the Distressor respond diffferently in any way?

I've read that some folks do this to get the Distressor to behave a bit more gently, but it doesn't really sound all that different to me, with the exception of having to drive the input harder to reach the threshold of compression.

If it matters, I do not have the upgraded Stereo Link Mod.

- jon

PS I love my Distressors and thanks for creating and producing such a versatile and effective tool. My only gripe is that I don't have eight of them.
Old 22nd May 2003
Here for the gear

I believe that it does the opposite. With the Link button pushed in, everything is driven harder, making it easier to drive the distortion into the red. It is very useful as a different flavor to try.
Old 22nd May 2003
The Distressor's "daddy"
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trses335 has it right. Engaging the original link button on the Distressor with nothing plugged into the link in the rear, increases the operating level internally because it expects to see two channels being summed. Since there is only the one channel signal, the detector doesnt turn down the signal as much, and the operating level thru the soft clipping generator is increased, making the signal sound more "HOT". It will be most noticeable when DIST 3 is engaged.

Its all in the manual under "Distressor Pet Tricks".

THANKS FOR THE QUESTION AND COMPLIMENTS! And as far as needing 8 Distressors, you can easily charge 4 on any normal Visa or Mastercard.
Old 22nd May 2003
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Originally posted by Dave Derr
(snip)Its all in the manual under "Distressor Pet Tricks".
Duh! That would have been a good place to look. I have a bad habit of misplacing (or never even looking at) manuals. I'm gonna go take a few minutes to read it.

Thanks again.

- jon
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