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Dave how about a "Warmth" box? Condenser Microphones
Old 21st May 2003
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Dave how about a "Warmth" box?

Your Fatso is worth every penny in my opinion, but for those of us that want more channels and can't afford a whole rack of Fatso's, how about a half rack box that passes line levels through with only the warmth function from the Fatso at about $500 for single channel. No volume no nothing else to keep the cost down, just the button and the 5 point led meter to tell you what wamth you are on. You could use them after preamps for tracking and inserts on mixes. I think you'd sell a ton of them and would be very useful.
Old 22nd May 2003
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khai's Avatar

I'd be most interested in this box as well.
Old 22nd May 2003
Gear nut
20to20's Avatar

Like the concept, but I'd love 2-4 channels...

C'mon Dave, whaddya say...?
Old 22nd May 2003
I always figured an 8ch box like this was a "no brainer".

Might sell banks of em to the PT large analog console mix folks..

Or not?

Old 22nd May 2003
Registered User
malice's Avatar

ditto on jules

Old 22nd May 2003
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davemc's Avatar

8 would be cool.....and last two channels with the nuke button.
Bugger that just the 8 channles would do...
Old 22nd May 2003
member no 666
Fletcher's Avatar
FWIW... Phoenix Audio has exactly that in the works... it's going to be called "The Nicerizer" [I don't come up with the names... just the news]... in addition to 8 "Nicerizer" channels... it will also function as 2- 4x1 mixers... and will be linkable so you can add additional banks of 4 inputs to each of the "x1 mix busses".

Could be a very cool thing...
Old 22nd May 2003
Gear Maniac


if yet another gear manufacturer is determined to use (voice of Dexter) STUUUUUUPID names for their gear, at least go for black angel of death . or something. i mean, asking to patch that thing in is like asking for a 'biggie' anything....not gonna happen


also...anyone feel that 8 ch. 'warming' devices have run their course yet, or worry about a very limited length of usefulness? guess i just wonder how handy the modular pot+rack based (sub)mixer scenario is in the long run...
Old 22nd May 2003
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jpaudio's Avatar

I personally love the idea of 8 channels of warming plus a pair of 4x1 summing amps... i hate not being able to sum mic signals without employing a console, since i don't have a quality analog board avilable all the time. And the extra warming is always a plus in front of a DAW...
Old 23rd May 2003
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malice's Avatar

Apart from summing capablility, a cool feature would be to be able to connect on the rear panel :

- 8 inputs
- 8 outputs
- 8 inputs from the DAW (soundcard, audio interface, whatever)
- 8 output to the DAW

Then you could patch the warmer device from the front panel :

- before recording
- after recording (mix mode)
- record with no latency monitoring (split mode) with the warmer on monitor or record ...

How about that ...

Old 27th May 2003
Lives for gear

i wonder y Mr. Derr is staying away from this thread?...
Old 27th May 2003
Gear Guru
Drumsound's Avatar
He's busy drawing schematics and computing list price...
Old 27th May 2003
The Distressor's "daddy"
Dave Derr's Avatar

Nahh I'm right here. <laughing>... well wait... maybe I did draw a few schematics... heh
A multichannel Fattening box has been talked about before we made the Fatso, starting almost with the advent of ADAT's. Im always looking for neat ways to bring controllable "Heat" and "Cream" to our devices, and maybe someday, we'll find something that would fit in a nifty little multichannel box. Its not hard to do really... its just a matter of doing it really well, and doing it in a new and different way.
Old 28th May 2003
Lives for gear
XHipHop's Avatar
Has anyone tried the SPL Charisma?
Old 28th May 2003
Lives for gear

If, in addition to functioning as two 4 x 1 mixers it could also function as an 8 x 2 mixer I'd take it...may do it anyway...

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