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Calibrating Distressors
Old 17th May 2003
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Question Calibrating Distressors

Hi Dave, I have a pair of Distressors and love them dearly. But they don't seem to be perfectly matched. They have slight level variations that I would like to match up. Is there anything I can do to calibrate them?
Old 17th May 2003
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Groove - It most likely has nothing to do with calibration. Its probably potentiometers and potentiometer wear. (Anyone notice how often I talk about Pots!?? ) Theres a few other posts on here about it. Also, because we give the users 100 fine increments on the knobs, more than any other knobs that we know of, even slight differences will be seen, BUT, settings can also be documented and reproducted. No two pots are matched exactly - they are like snowflakes, everyone different.

We'd be glad to replace your pots for you if they are far enough out of match to bother you. However, we have moved to conductive plastic pots (like most of our competition), and they are no longer very smooth under the setting of FOUR on the knobs. Clarostat discontinued our true logarithmic, molded carbon pots. The new conductive plastic pots tend to be pretty touchy around 1 - 3, but honestly, I dont think many Distressor users work down in that area. It affects FATSO users more.

Thanks for buying and enjoying our products and let us know if there is anything we can do for ya.
Old 17th May 2003
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It's by no means a big deal, the inputs are only off by about half the distance between numbers at nominal levels. I was just checking to see if it was as easy as turning a screw or something to match them. It's not worth giving them up for the time it would take to ship them out. Thanks for your reply.

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