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Guitar Tones
Old 18th March 2008
Guitar Tones

Hi Daniel.
I am a huge fan of your work mate.
I especially love U2's "The Joshua Tree" and I have just downloaded your new album so keen to listen to that too.

My question is how you achieve such good guitar tones.
Obviously a good instrument and amp are essential.

But since this is Gearsluts I was wondering what mics and pre-amps you use to record Acoustic Guitars and Electric Guitar Amps?

Cheers from Australia.
Old 20th March 2008
Gear Head
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I like the Sennheiser 409 on amps. For a different sound I like a ribbon mic. Acoustic guitar recordings are tough. If you can have a nice big mic further back from the instrument that's usually the best. Further back means no booming. Lately I've enjoyed a U47 or C37A with a 1066 preamp.
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