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Recording vocals in poor environments
Old 11th June 2018
Recording vocals in poor environments

Greetings Che!

Based on behind the scenes photos, it looks like many Kanye vocals have been recorded inside hotel or conference rooms.

I've seen C800G > 1073 > CL1B with an SE Reflection Filter, Kaotica Eyball, etc. I've had sub-par results with these filters.

Mix-wise, how are you and Noah getting such a dry vocal sound in less than ideal rooms?
Old 13th June 2018
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Really the focus is on trying to make the rooms as dead as possible with blankets and make-shift baffles and the other key is trying to isolate the vocals as much as possible. He's been doing vocals in hotel rooms for the last 8 years so we've perfected it pretty well with the Sony C800 and the above mentioned process...
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