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Session Handling and Artist Comfort
Old 11th June 2018
Session Handling and Artist Comfort

Hi Che,
Thanks so much for doing this Q&A.

My question is less technical in nature and more of a producer question.

You have had a lot of experience with some very big personalities in terms of some of the artists you have worked with.

I was wondering if you can share any of the challenges and your strategies in terms of handling higher profile sessions and making the artist comfortable, keeping things focused and productive, etc.

Any insights and/or stories would be welcome!
Old 13th June 2018
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The number one thing is that every artist is different so you must access each person as an individual. You have to know where they are they at in their career. Part of producing is definitely part psychologist. One of the biggest foundational aspects is trust. It's about building a support system around that artist, and making sure you have the necessary components that the artist feels comfortable that you can get the job done. Security is so paramount to creation and vibe. It makes for the artist feeling like they are in a flow state of creation and in a supportive environment at all times.
Old 15th June 2018
Thank you for the thoughtful response!
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