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The creative process and working with Kanye West
Old 11th June 2018
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The creative process and working with Kanye West

Hello Che, thanks for doing this Q&A

Working with Kanye seems to be quite an intense and special experience. On Ye, it seems that the creative process has become very spontaneous, some tracks being created and finished only days if not hours before the release. On Yeezus it looks like you might have been given more time but from what I understand it was a whole production team working together very hard for a couple years.

As a producer, how do you feel about working under such pressure? Are there times where after the release you wish you had more time to develop your ideas, or even that you could go back and change a few things? Also, can you tell us a bit about the team dynamic and how does it feel to work on such extraordinary projects?
Old 14th June 2018
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I work both as an executive and a creative so I would love more time, but I understand the back against-all hands on deck mentality that Kanye incorporates, and its actually a successful tactic. Sometimes people need pressure to deliver.
Old 15th June 2018
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Thanks Che, very interesting. How do you find the right balance between keeping that pressure on and having just enough time to let the creative work flourish ?
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