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Charles,would you please tell me if I can have the same results with these two plugs in addition to the ones you use? for that...

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WunderBro Flo 1st June 2004
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I'm trying to create a kick drum that has a lovely soft beater sound, but still cuts through the mix and commands a nice...

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theom 31st May 2004
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I recently used a frequency analyzer by Elemental Audio called Firium on a lead vocal track. It quickly displayed where the...

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Shan 30th May 2004
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Charles, I know you will be ending your guest moderation soon and I would like to thank you for being so open and sharing with...

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Shan 29th May 2004
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howdy I thought maybe I'd get people's attention with that subject line...shiee But seriously... I would like to know...

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jerdude 29th May 2004
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Hi, I wonder how do you treat you reverb returns. Are you eq,compressing,widening? Is there any advantage on compressing...

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erwinor 29th May 2004
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maskedman72 29th May 2004
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This is one for charles dye but anybody can chip in. I like the idea of building up my own customer console with the...

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Charles Dye 28th May 2004
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What are the secrets to getting massive sounding drums as heard on big time R&B, hip hop productions? The kind of drum...

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thethrillfactor 27th May 2004
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Hi Charles, Regards from Spain. I´ve seen you have mixed some Julio Iglesias tracks. Could you please tell me which...

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thethrillfactor 27th May 2004
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"There's so much more to say and I'm still just on krid's post. I will come back later and discuss the stereo buss in more...

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Charles Dye 26th May 2004
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Charles and all... I've got an LE system that's pretty taxed out.... Problem is, I like to treat a great deal of the tracks...

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Charles Dye 26th May 2004
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Just a quick question! Im trying to make sure that my final mixes aren't going into the 'red' on the Master fader in Pro...

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jeronimo 26th May 2004
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I got PT HD2 accel system+192 interface +G5 2ghz ... I just spend £18000 and still havent got all the plugins and power i...

mac black
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MikeC 24th May 2004
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I was wondering, for those who are squashing their drum buss tracks and sending other tracks into the buss as well, how are you...

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juniorhifikit 23rd May 2004
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I know this has been discussed in depth. I am still reading alot of other threads on this subject. This is simply a poll to see...

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djui5 22nd May 2004
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how do you pan drums in a mix? lets say that 100 is hard left and right and o is center. well also say that the kit is a...

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studjo 22nd May 2004
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Hello, my name is Ali and im 17 from New Jersey, USA. I have been recording and producing music since I have been 13 and I just...

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Guitarman 22nd May 2004
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Hi Guys, Firstly, great site, glad I found you all. I sent Charles this email and he said it'd be good for the forum so if...

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Guitarman 22nd May 2004
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As a Pro Tools producer, do you use certain compressors and other out board effects boxes while traking but resort to plug in's...

Sir Bob
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Guitarman 22nd May 2004
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I'm working on a song for a friend that needs a background vox vaguely similar to "thunderstruck" by AC/DC where they...

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Shan 22nd May 2004
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Ok, so after alot of reading I have conluding that adding eq ITB is not the best answer and can cauze you to get a harsh highend...

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RKrizman 21st May 2004
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Charles must be making a fortune on these mixes. It's been 2 or 3 weeks since he's posted. Must be nice. What new toys are you...

Extreme Mixing
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Extreme Mixing 21st May 2004
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Charles, I recently read your archived material at Digi's site and read the articles surrounding the Crease project. I was...

Digital Noob
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Digital Noob 20th May 2004
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I was wondering if there is a general amount that assistants get paid. I am just getting ready to start an internship and I was...

Two Left Hands
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LTA 20th May 2004
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right now i am mixing an album and the singer sang the 1st track then went back and sang a second track that is an exact double...

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not_so_new 19th May 2004
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5 minutes ago I finished watching the school of rock movie.. and it was great for you guys that haven't seen it, very funny!...

Jose Mrochek
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Jose Mrochek 19th May 2004
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Well, its another easy to answer question. I wanted to get back some info on how you guys use your compression, especially for...

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GRiFF 18th May 2004
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Jules + everyone, I've been swamped these last weeks. I originally thought this week was going to be slower + I would have...

Charles Dye
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Charles Dye 15th May 2004
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As I'm sure it has been apparent to many of you, I've been swamped in the studio + not able to respond to all of your posts. To...

Charles Dye
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Teacher 14th May 2004
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Hi everybody, my first post after several weeks of learning. Thank you ! I've had the chance to work with a Neve 1073 and i'm...

Alan Boutouyrie
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Alan Boutouyrie 12th May 2004
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Hope Charles and the gang can help out here...... I remember reading somewhere that the AC1 'console' presets refer to...

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primafacie 11th May 2004
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After I've sung vocals I always like to strap some auto-tune on them to give them that extra sparkle. For the most part I sing...

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Rail Jon Rogut 7th May 2004
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...and submit a mix for your critique!hittt Aaron English, an artisit here in Seattle whose CD I co-produced and mixed and...

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Roland 6th May 2004
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hey all, this is a pdf by the waves team that has a detailed description of an "in the box" mix done using their...

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travista00 5th May 2004
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Charles Thanks for inviting me to drop by, and thanks for your kind words about TL EveryPhase. We are gearing up to launch...

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nikki-k 5th May 2004
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MIX UPDATED: 05/04/04 - SEE BELOW... NOTE: File has now been uploaded as an attachment, see below Charles, after a careful...

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Jose Mrochek 5th May 2004
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Charles, Just curious. What percentage of time do you spend on a control surface as compared to a mouse? When you have a heavy...

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elninojesus 4th May 2004
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Hi Charles ! I first wanted to thank you for all your articles that are very helpfull. Then, when you moved to the Hd system,...

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Ambroise 2nd May 2004
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Hi! So... With all the advances in DSP power and software improvements, if one decides to use HD (Accel) with PT TDM 6.X and...

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lukas 30th April 2004
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I'm thinking about getting one of these baby's along with a AD16X for a Mix Plus system. The question I have is how will it...

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RBS 29th April 2004
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Charles, I'm not a protools user (i'm a cubase user), but i have found a lot of the threads on this board very insightful for...

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NeoVXR 29th April 2004
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hi charles. i am a pro tools newbie(im using le 6.1 on a digi 002 rack) and i cant figure out a easy way to do this(actually...

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maskedman72 28th April 2004
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Hey guys, since this forum is mostly about ITB/DAW mixes, I would like to hear comments on this mixs. It's still a rought mix,...

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jeronimo 28th April 2004
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Some of the more recent plug-in releases are sounding really great. I LOVE the Eventide Reverb, great control, also Princeton...

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juniorhifikit 27th April 2004
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I'm sorry for being a little MIA around here. I hope to catch up on the posts in the next day or so. I'd like to try to make it...

Charles Dye
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krid 27th April 2004
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What are some of your favorite drum sample c.d.'s for sound replacing or blending with real drums? Thanks!!

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void 27th April 2004
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I'm in the middle of mixing a tune ( in PT HD ) where the percs and drums were recorded in the same room. The Percs mics has a...

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Jan Folkson 25th April 2004
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When mixing heavy distorted guitars, how do you suggest getting rid of the fizz without destroying the presence? Basically, I...

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Mike Jasper 25th April 2004
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Charles, You speak of only mixing in the box but I was curious what you do on the way in? I track to the computer a lot but use...

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Extreme Mixing 23rd April 2004
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