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PT Session Guidelines Discussion
Old 18th November 2002
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BTW PT 6.0 which I had the pleasure of attending two demos of last weekend - one post & AV (confusing) and one music - Has a lot of useful session data saving features built in. It catalogs ANY drive ever attached to a PT session - in the background. (multi tasking OSX stylee)

I believe this will aide greatly - keeping accurate track of ALL PT data that has ever been involved in a PT session.

Further the OSX multitasking thang allows **** to be imported but allows the session to continue as normal with no pause all 'conversions/ imports / fading / processing' are done in the background..

Old 18th November 2002
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The question of how to organize data in the main folder is definitely an area that could use some standardization. I do want to address it with another set of guidelines. And as Jules mentions, we need to see how PT 6 may/is going to change this for us.

I'd like to take as much input from all fo you on this topic like bobulatorm + Tim Glasgow's posts above and incorporate them. That is also one of the topics we are discussing here in the South Florida PT studio scene.

Thanks for the great input. Good suggestions Tim.
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