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Suggestions to master at home studio!
Old 26th November 2002
Suggestions to master at home studio!

Hello guys!

What do you guys suggest to do some mastering at my home studio?
Which softwares?
Right now I do have PT LE w/waves L1+, analog channel... and a whole bunch of plugins, including T-Racks. I do have the standalone T-Racks 2 also...
I can do the mastering on Logic if it sounds better... but that would make me go to some friend studio...
What do you guys use?
Old 26th November 2002
If you don't have the cash for mastering, you're better off having a buddy you trust tweak it.

Mastering isn't program processing, it's a fresh set of ears listening to your material and making adjustments for translation.

If you are hearing issues you need to tweak, that should be addressed in mixing...
Old 27th November 2002
Lives for gear
Curve Dominant's Avatar
I agree with Brad. For a recording that has commercial aspirations, hand your stuff off to a pro for mastering. It's cheap considering what you'd need to invest to turn your crib into a respectable mastering lab.

On the other hand...if what you want in the short term is to hand your latest mix to a DJ buddy to spin at a party, and you think it'll rock the speakers a little harder with some home-brewed "mastering," there's absolutely no harm in that. I won't go out on a limb and state, "Everybody does it," but a lot of people do it. I do it because it's fun, but I won't ever fool myself into thinking it's "pro."

What's my poison? Simple: Digi001 > analog stereo compressor > duel channel tube preamp > CD burner.

But when my stuff is ready to "go to market," it's going to a pro like Brad, or Pete Humphreys at Masterwork.

Old 27th November 2002
One with big hooves
Jay Kahrs's Avatar
I try not to master in-house. I usually pass things off to a friend if there's no budget. Or, if there is a budget it goes to someone who knows what they're doing, either Brad if there's real money or a buddy in LI if the budget is a few hundered. The most I'll do is a high shelf with lots of A/B'ing and maybe 2dB of limting tops but I really try to avoid that.
Old 27th November 2002
"I usually pass things off to a friend if there's no budget."

Old 27th November 2002
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C.Lambrechts's Avatar

100% with Brad. If no money ... have a friend do it. Don't trust the presets on whatever plugin or hardware device you use.

If you 'HAVE' to do it yourself. Do it another day. Don't do it after the mix session. Get a good night of rest and do it with 100% fresh ears. You'd be surprised at how different you will master something with a fresh pair of ears.
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