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Would you guys take a listen to this?
Old 24th April 2004
Would you guys take a listen to this?

Hey guys, since this forum is mostly about ITB/DAW mixes, I would like to hear comments on this mixs.
It's still a rought mix, there are no vocals yet, it's all done with PT LE 6.1, all EQ and Compression is from T-Racks, there is some Digirack 1-Band EQ hipassing a few tracks.
All input is very wellcome, 'cause this is a "test" done in my brand new studio... so I'm still getting used to the rooms, there is some stuff to be fixed... so any help is welcome!
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1o ato 2a mix.mp3 (4.52 MB, 1198 views)

Old 24th April 2004
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I just listened to it on my mac laptop speakers, but it all seemed really clear and good. Great drum sounds.
Old 27th April 2004
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I don't see any real problems here. For my taste there are a couple of things that could come up -

At around 1:30 and again around 2:50 (a repeating chorus?) there is a guitar on the left side playing octaves that could come up some volume wise.

At around 3:40 there is a guitar in the center that could come up a little bit.

Both of those observations are highly subjective so take them for what they are worth.

Overall it doesn't sound like you have any problems - so good job!
Old 27th April 2004
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Sounds great - how did you record / process the snare? ...I like it.
Old 28th April 2004
The snare is a Mapex Maple (the cheapest maple snare from Mapex) 14" x 6".
The snare was tracked w/ a 57 on top and a 441 on bottom going thru Sytek MPX-4 channels 1 & 2 (brighter/harder). I don't remember exactly the order or the settings of the plugs, I'll post that back tomorrow when I check it on the studio, but I would guess I have a T-Racks Comp + T-Racks EQ + T-Racks Comp... there is some WILD eqing on the snare 'cause I had problems w/ cymblas/hh bleeding into it... I'll check and post again!
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