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HDL and plugs question
Old 3rd November 2002
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HDL and plugs question

Hey Charles - I've been downloading the HDL sessions you've been doing and it's very cool to see how you work. Excellent idea.

Thanks by the way for including screen shots of the plugs and settings - very helpful!

1 Question. The first thing I noticed on the HDL sessions is that you're not shy about the number of plugs you use - sometimes filling all the inserts on a track.

I'm curious if you ever choose to AudioSuite your first plug (like AC1 for example) to free up inserts?

I understand for mix control purposes you might want to avoid this wide scale - but do you think there's a sonic difference between "printing" an effect with AudioSuite and letting it roll real time TDM?

Old 3rd November 2002
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Thanks. HDL is actually a lot of fun. Having to dissect + analyze my own mixes to explain them is also really helping me understand my own process.

About those five plugs in a row: I'm no audio prude; I'll do whatever it takes to make something sound the way I want it to. All the way from 5 plugs-->bouncing-->5 plugs to absolutely nothing if it sits great in the track as is.

When I was a younger engineer I heard that was the way British engineers worked. What ever it took is what it got. They would slam the console meters into the red and just pin 'em there if it got them the sound they were searching for. No rules. The book was right out the window. I never found out if this was true, but I thought that was a pretty liberating approach, and I adopted it as my own ever since. BTW, can anyone tell me if this is true?

And the RTAS plugs: I do use them sometimes. But it does start to slow down the graphics + the mouse response time, so I tend to shy away from using a lot of them. I have though had some mixes with tons of the McDSP plugs as RTAS. I've noticed no sonic difference between the RTAS + TDM.
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