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Commercial guitar sound
Old 15th June 2009
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Commercial guitar sound

JULES? Can we keep all guitar stuff in here? I don't mind it if you merge some in.

Thanks Butch for doing this!

I have recorded with 4x12s, 1x12s etc and always get a boxy sound, no matter what way I place my mic, normally an SM57, but I have even used AKG414s before, still boxy, the type of thing an EQ cut can't fix (if that's possible?!) Even the process of getting the sound in the live room, then trying to get that to the control room.

What's your process to getting that great guitar sound? You've hit some nails on the head in the past and I wondered was it as simple as a 57 in the right place with a good preamp?

Equipment, placement, processing?

Old 15th June 2009
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What kind of room are you recording in? If the guitars are sounding boxy, maybe it has something to do with the there a midrange buildup somewhere?
Or is it the control room?
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