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Thanks for doing this Butch! (forum now closed for new questions!)
Old 17th June 2009
Gear Maniac
Audio Enginerd's Avatar

Thanks from me too!!! Every so often, the way a records sounds jumps out at me, then I check the producer's credit and it's Butch Vig. Plus, Nevermind changed my life, and it is one of the reasons I'm a musician today.
Old 17th June 2009
Gear Head
jcotteri's Avatar

Thankyou so much Butch. The first ever album i bought on cd was Nevermind <3

Yep i'm young


cheers Jules
Old 17th June 2009
Here for the gear

Thank you! thumbsup
Old 18th June 2009
Lives for gear
skythemusic's Avatar
Butch did 4 of the most important records of my (at the time) young musical life and is largely responsible for my incessant obsession with guitar tones. Thanks Butch, you are about my favorite producer indeed.
Old 20th June 2009


you absolutely rock, Butch - thanks a ton for stopping by our world!!

joseph briggs, producer / composer
wired planet music

Old 20th June 2009
Gear Addict
EngineEars's Avatar

Huge fan here. Thanks for doing this and thanks for the mad props you show to the other personnel on projects you work on.
Old 20th June 2009
Gear Addict

The 90's alternative scene has always been what I've grown up on and loved and so many classic albums from that decade were because of you Butch; thank you so much for bringing so many great bands to light - it's impacted me much more than you'll ever know!
Old 23rd June 2009
Gear Addict
smashbrand's Avatar

Old 24th June 2009
Gear Head
dvonche's Avatar

this is great !!

I am new in the recording world , but 17 years old as a musician !
I would just say thanks to gs and thanks to you Butch , I am a 90's guys and your work had blown my mind !!!!
Old 24th June 2009
Lives for gear
Scinx's Avatar

Thanks a ton Butch for spending quality time on this board answering these questions. Much appreciated!
Old 25th June 2009
Gear Nut

Thumbs up

Holy ****ing ****, it's Butch Vig! I'm a huge fan and loved your recordings with Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, THANK YOU for contributing to Gearslutz forum!
Old 26th June 2009
Lives for gear
thenoiseflower's Avatar

many more great records to you butch, you are the man...

and get to it on a new garbage record.
Old 27th June 2009
Gear Head

Thank you for your answers and discussions on this board. It has been a blast reading and learning.

Good luck with your future work and thank you for your past classics. It has been an honor taking part and reading post from you and all the engineers. Priceless!

ps. Looking forward the new Against Me! record. New Wave is awesome!
Old 29th June 2009
Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful answers.
I'm really loving all the insider studio discussion, especially related to drums and drum recording.
Old 30th June 2009
Lives for gear
rockstar_josh's Avatar

Thank you very much, Butch and your crew! You have a had a hand in so many of my favorite albums. I grew up on Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins and Garbage... I'll bet that 80% of my CD collection is split between you and Andy Wallace, seriously.

You guys have been so kind and willing to share your experiences; it really means a lot! Thanks again!

By the way - I have picked up some great ideas from these topics, it's been very educational.

- Josh
Old 30th June 2009
Here for the gear
audioant's Avatar

thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I've learned so much from reading your posts!
Old 1st July 2009
Gear Nut

thanks alot butch, billy, joe and everyone, I learnt a hell of a lot just from reading these posts.
Old 1st July 2009
Gear Maniac
Audio Enginerd's Avatar

Yes, we were lucky and privileged to have you guys here with us. I very much enjoyed it! Take care.
Old 1st July 2009
Gear Maniac
Thanks to Butch, and the best website in the world, Gearslutz
Old 2nd July 2009
Here for the gear

Thanks for doing this Q&A Butch, Billy and the crew.

I love your work. Real inspirations of mine!
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