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Tape machine plugins
Old 5th May 2019
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Tape machine plugins

Do you use any tape machine simulator plug ins ?
Such as waves Kramer, etc.. if so, do you use them in parallel? I personally struggle with them, usually I just use them on a drum buss to smooth things out, just not sure if I’m using them correctly.

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Old 8th May 2019
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As with everything there is no right or wrong way to use any of this stuff, but in general I would say that I probably wouldn't use them parallel. I don't use them very often, but I do like a bit of Phoenix on vocals to thicken them up. Satin is another nice one, you can play with azimuth, head bump etc to really mess up the sound. The Kramer and J37 are also cool, though I think I've probably used them more for slap echos than tape saturation.
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