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Print Track in Template vs. Offline Bouncing
Old 2nd May 2019
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Print Track in Template vs. Offline Bouncing

Hey Andrew,

i see in all the discussion of your templates and work flows for your various parallel bussing/ routing scheme that you are still using a "print track" in the PT session. Is there a reason that you are including that and not using the offline bouncing?

at the studio we are still on PT10 and i personally lust over the ability to print a mix offline ( even though we are mostly an hourly rate shop)


Old 8th May 2019
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I'd say that about half the time the first version of a mix that I print to send to the artist is printed in real time just so I can make sure I'm happy with it. After that absolutely everything is bounced offline.

Having the print track allows me to keep the rough or a previous revision of a mix on the track while I'm working, and simply by switching input I can go between the mix running live and the reference. I hate doing mix tweaks and not being able to A/B them.
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