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Jazz Trumpet
Old 1st May 2019
Jazz Trumpet

Hi Andrew. Thanks for the Q&A.

Your MWTM bio mentions “jazz trumpet” - do you still find time to play? Any other instruments?

Best, Arthur
Old 2nd May 2019
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Trumpet is one of those instruments where if you don't play almost every day you can't even pretend. I used to get it out every once in a while on a project but it's been years. The way I describe myself as a musician is that Pro Tools and I play all kinds of of instruments. I would never subject other humans to being in the room while I play, but I've played lots of instruments on lots of records.

An incomplete list would be trumpet, flugelhorn, bass (electric and upright), guitar, sitar, surbahar, harmonium, B-3, piano, wurli, rhodes, simple string/keyboard arrangements, and lots and lots of modular synth. I sit and sit and sit and figure out the part and then record it (usually in pieces) and then 5 minutes later I couldn't tell you what I had played.

I sometimes thing there would be nothing better than to be able to play something well enough to even just jam with friends, but alas it doesn't seem to be in my makeup.

Maybe one day I'll finally get a drum kit and then I can suck at that too!
Old 2nd May 2019
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Originally Posted by AScheps View Post
Maybe one day I'll finally get a drum kit and then I can suck at that too!
DO IT! Drums are the best therapy money can buy.
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