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Your go to plugins?
Old 25th April 2019
Your go to plugins?

Hi Andrew,

What are your go to plugins or top 10 plugins except Omni Channel?
As an example, what are your 1,2 or 3 go to compressor plugins? A corrective EQ, a character EQ? Delay? Reverb? De-esser, saturation? And maybe some special plugins like Lowender aso?

Thank you and kind regards
Old 8th May 2019
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Well, I've mentioned a lot of them in other posts, but I suppose a quick and very incomplete list of plugins I like would be (in no particular order) Sansamp or PSA1000, Altiverb, CLA-76, Puigtec, D-Verb, Lo-Fi, Cooper Time Cube, the new Valhalla Delay, Fabfilter Timeless 2, Ozone Imager, McDSP Filters (any of them), Speakerphone, EQ3, Phoenix II, Massey DRT...

If I was going to answer your question directly most of my answers would be Omnichannel and you said other than that so I think this list is the best I can do!
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