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Reverbs and Delays
Old 23rd April 2019
Reverbs and Delays

I was wondering what your starting reverb/delay template plugins/algorithms are and what your philosophy is for adding ambience on sources - are you a specialized reverb/delay guy per source or more of a general space for everything with something else when called for? Ditto for delays.

Thanks again.
Old 24th April 2019
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I am really really bad at reverb. I'm not kidding. I love the way some mixers use reverbs and sometimes I will get a session to mix where they have really honed the sounds of the instruments with individual reverbs. Unfortunately I'm just not that guy. My template has five reverbs in it, 2 for vocals (an Altiverb plate and D-Verb ); one for drums (a small room that I almost never use), and two short ambient reverbs to add a little length to the snare and the toms (these get used about half the time, and sometimes only in choruses).

I will quite often hear a reverb sound in my head, spend a chunk of time trying to get it, and then give up.

Delays are a little easier for me. I use BBD Delay (free with Pro Tools subscription) in my template for vocal slap, and then I will build longer delays for individual mixes as needed using H-Delay, Fabfilter Timeless, Echoboy, etc.

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