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Distortion and handling harshness
Old 23rd April 2019
Distortion and handling harshness

Hi Andrew, what plugins do you use if you want to add distortion to your tracks (a little or a lot of)? How do you manage harshness that often seeps in together with the distortion?
Old 23rd April 2019
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[I know these answers will start to sound like an ad for Omnichannel, but I spent two years getting it to sound the way I want, and we spent a LOT of time on the saturation.]

So, with that said, I use the saturation on the Omnichannel a lot. I also love the Sansamp, both the version that comes with Pro Tools and the new Nembrini Audio version. I used to use Lo-FI a lot, but part of the reason we spent so much time on the Omnichannel saturation was to get what I liked from LO-FI without any of the stuff I didn't like. Sometimes I'll go more the tape saturation route and then Satin, Phoenix and any of the tape machine emulation plugins could work. I don't do it that often though and I usually just try a bunch until I start to get the sound I'm hearing in my head.

When things get harsh I either back off the distortion or just eq it. No real tricks there.

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