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Audioslave recording info
Old 22nd April 2019
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Audioslave recording info

Hey Andrew, absolutely love the sound of Audioslave's first record and was wondering if you could provide some insight on the process and any tracking info? Always amazed by the huge tones on the record, which I'm sure Rich Costey shares some responsibility for, but it sounds very well tracked to me.

Especially would love to hear about the guitar and drum tracking, if it was recorded live as a group, etc. Thanks!!
Old 23rd April 2019
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Dave Schiffman recorded all of the basic tracks for that album, and he did an incredible job. The tracks sounded great!

It was recorded at Cello (which was Oceanway and is now East West) studio 2. The console was (still is) an 8028 with 1073s. Split console with a great sounding passive monitor section. It was cut to 2" BASF tape at 30 ips, no noise reduction on an Ampex ATR-124 and then transferred to Pro Tools at 48k to cut the takes together (just big arrangement type edits to get the best from all the tracking, no editing of performances). The band tracked live, but a lot of stuff got replaced by the time the record was finished. As far as specifics on mics etc, I don't know but I do know it was a Tama Bell Brass snare that had a very very very small sweet spot for tuning.

The main thing is that it all starts with a ridiculously great band playing great songs, which is absolutely what that record is.
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