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hours of operation
Old 9th September 2002
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hours of operation

what are you normal hours of operation?

i had a client try to book 9am the other day. i was like, not a chance that early. 11am is the earliest i am willing to start. i prefer to work at night [or later in the day]

id say my hours are best from 2pm on. mixing im best from 11pm on.

do you adjust your hours of operation to where YOU work best? i know i wont do anything before 11am because it would be pretty pointless since im a zombie for the first half of the morning. 9am i would be useless it would probably sound like **** anyway.
Old 9th September 2002
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11am-6pm quiet stuff
7pm-till loud stuff

I actually prefer to start at 2:00 schedule permitting...
Old 9th September 2002
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fibes is a gear nut.
Old 9th September 2002
10:00 AM til whenever it takes (usually by 5-6:00 PM).
Old 9th September 2002
Anywhere Anytime! I'm out to get whatever work I can and don't have any luxuries as to when I can and can't work. I prefer to not work Sundays but then again I haven't had a day off in 3 weeks. Tomorrow guess who is going to be home with his little girl? Lots of studios lose business in the early hours. And it isn't always just little stuff. I am in at 9:00am every morn and it is suprising how many people are up calling. Of course my baby gets me up at 6:00am anyway. I really hate to come in early when I worked till 3am the previous day but someone's got to pay the rent! Lots of times bands let me tell them when to come in for the day. I always tell them 10am and it is amazing how much they get done. Most of them don't usually get up that early but if they are excited about recording they get their butts up.

Old 9th September 2002

Noon is the earliest I can manage
11pm gives folks time to catch public transport home to anywhere in the city.

I mix alone (getting it 'close' / ready for the bands comments) - I may start 3pm / 4pm and go on till 4 am

Old 10th September 2002
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I try to start round 10.00 or 10.30 am for FIRST recording sessions .... the ones where everything needs to be set up.

The real session usualy starts round 1 pm ....; and I try to go no later then 11 pm.

Editing / mixing days ..... preferably alone and usualy start early afternoon .... these risk to go late .... sometimes very late .... 1 or 2 am.

I usually have clients/artists coming in early evening ... round 7.30 or 8 pm ... they listen and then preferrably go away.
Old 10th September 2002
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I work around what I need to - in the last two week,s I've started sessions at 8:00AM or 8:30 a few times (to make the musician's schedules work), but a typical session here has a 10:00AM downbeat. That usually means that I'm in the studio no later than 8:30 or 8:45, and the musicians start arriving between 9:15 and 9:30. But these sessions usually end at 1:00PM and the next session starts at 2:00. Sometimes the same players and clients, sometimes different ones. But I try to be done by 11:00 or 11:30, and rarely go later than 12:30 (and these are typically mix days).
Old 10th September 2002
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Cool oo errr

sum days i get a good stint in from 2 pm till tea
but if i miss the boat then i like
10pm till 6 am
a fine 8 hours indeed
as alpha said mornings are justtut

i think keith richards is the timing god
get out of bed aT 4 WHEN ALL THE BORing stuff shuts
and rock til about 8-9 am when the boring stuff
all starts up again ...

jimi hendrix used to turn up at about 3am
and he knew how to work a studio ..

its nice to start a session at 1 pm in the pub ...

Old 10th September 2002
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in the beginning of a project I try to get started around 11:00 AM and the sessions go to about 10:00 - 11:00 PM. It normally shifts to 1:00 PM to 1:00 AM by the end of the recording sessions. When mixing I start at 11:00 AM and work no later than 8:00 PM and no EQ changes or major surgery after 8 hours of mixing. tut
Old 11th September 2002
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I mostly work in the evenings during the week. Most of my clients have day jobs or are students. I tend to start around 6-6:30 and work till about midnight. I work about 16 hours a week between two day jobs. If a client wants to work during the day I can get out of work. On Saturdays it's anywhere between 10:00-Noon to start. There's usually a meal break (or two) and end between midnight and 2:00AM. Sundays don't start till after 2:00PM. My wife and I go out for breakfast. It's a standing date that is very important to our marriage.
Old 11th September 2002
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Old 17th September 2002
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I start no earlier then 11am, noon is much better for me. I also work no more then 10 hours in a day. Asking me to start at 9am gets you a lot of laughter in your face.

Actually, I think the last time I started at 9am was about two years ago when I had just quit my day job to do this full time. I was mixing and just had to walk downstairs. It was actually nice to start that early in the morning for once.
Old 17th September 2002
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Originally posted by alphajerk
fibes is a gear nut.
lol... wt? yeah I see it, but wt?grggt
Old 17th September 2002
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9am - 5pm for the voice-over/corporate world although International sync-ups for my NPR clients sometimes takes me into the evenings. My music clients are often gigging in the eves/weekends so they usually want to work noon to 6pm.
If there's a deadline I'll work late but I'm pretty much toast after 14 or 15 hours.
Old 17th September 2002
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Originally posted by Jax

lol... wt? yeah I see it, but wt?grggt
problems of posting while intoxicated. i dont remember now.
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