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Old 9th September 2002
There is only one
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jules mentioned this in my sonics thread.

how important do you feel longevity is to a recording? iow, standing up against time. ignoring time, fashion, fads... whatever.
Old 9th September 2002
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Great tunes last forever.

A signature sound has equal longevity.
Old 9th September 2002
Gear maniac

Couldn't agree more - I for aspire to have one album in my life the some feel meets the above criteria, most importantly the band...
Old 9th September 2002
Lives for gear
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I think that the test of time is important.

I think the best records capture the times they were done in- with techniques, sound and the all important 'spirit' 'soul' 'vibe' whatever you want to call it..when someone talented is flowing and resonating with expression.

I'm listening to a Billy Holiday compilation at the moment. I think it stands up proud. I also think Bjork has recorded some stuff that will cause tingles and heart murmer's for many moon's to come. Just 2 examples..
Old 9th September 2002
Lives for gear
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so true
Old 9th September 2002
Motown legend
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My experience has been that everything has either way more or way less longevity than was planned. I treat almost everything like I'm going to have to work with it 25 years from now because in an amazing number of cases this has turned out to be true. In fact it has happened with virtually every project I've ever been involved with that was successful enough to earn its original production cost back.
Old 9th September 2002
Lives for gear

'Scuse me, but I'm just trying to make some hits and earn my living.

Whether someone will like what I did 10 years later is beyond my control.

Brian T
Old 9th September 2002
Lives for gear
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Absolutely not!
Old 9th September 2002
Capitol Studios Paris
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Re: longevity

Well, it's very important to me personally...but not at all to many I see in the biz.

Boring, cliched fad crap that sounds like stuff that has already worked is what seems to get the labels 'round here excited the fastest.

I guess that's what they think is the safest bet to sell records....knock off something that did sell. Or, take someone from the latest reality TV show (over here, it's Star Academy, Loft Story, Temptation Island, etc.) and use their face and fame to shift units.
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