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jack of many OR master of one?
Old 4th September 2002
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jack of many OR master of one?

the only thing i am a master of is bating. so i definately fall into the jack of many trades. instead of trying to specialize in one certain area in life... its been my quest to explore many areas, some relating to each other, some that have nothing to do with each other.

but none of these areas i consider myself an expert on... even those areas i know most about i really dont know all that much about. maybe in another 30 years i can possibly answer that i am a master of one, maybe two things.

but i know enough about a lot of areas to make me really dangerous. and it seems thinking about all that i know if i were to call my self a master of anything is the master of creation.

creation. that is what i like to do. doesnt matter if it is music, painting, photography, animation, woodworking, sculpture... all things that can be open ended as to the actual "completion" yet highly satisfying getting the piece of work there. being able to roll with the changes, new directions, new ideas that are spawned along the path to satisfaction.

so i am pretty content on being a the jack of many trades. i figure i have a lifetime to master them all... if mastering them is even possible.
Old 4th September 2002
Producing new bands
Eating out

I have my hands fulll with that
Old 4th September 2002
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I live to create and learn. That's it.
Old 4th September 2002
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Lemme see here, running a hardware manufacturing company, inventing stuff, running a recording studio, running a sound company, cutting down trees, splitting wood, producing, engineering, I think I'm fairly unfocussed. Oh yeah, I forgot smoking the baby-backs. I have been declared a Jedi Master of baby-back smoking by my second generation rib guru.

If only I could be a full time gearslut.

wurly was here
Old 4th September 2002
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I also fall into the jack of many trades category. But I became a jack of many trades by mastering (or got good at) each trade one at a time. This doesn't happen over night I've been doing this over three decades. rollz

Let me explain. Once I get good at a specialized task, I move on to the next trade of my fancy. This system works well for me but I understand it may not work for everyone.

Some areas I consider myself an expert and some not. This is OK with me because I'm happy to dabble in a lot of different things. It keeps me busy and directed towards new areas and ideas.

Old 4th September 2002
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Originally posted by posterchild

That's pretty much how it is for me, but sometimes I don't move on because I've mastered something -- I move on because I'm bored.

What I mean is, there are some things I feel that I've reached a capable enough level on, and, while there are still more things I could learn to really become a master at, if I don't feel like I'm getting enough satisfaction out of whatever it is, then I'll move onto something else that I totally suck at. heh
diddo! It's like needing a new challenge to offset the boredom. heh

I love, Very cool discussions. Great people.
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