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Apollo artist
Old 30th June 2017
Here for the gear

Apollo artist

When mixing vocals do you treat all vocals different or do you have a standard channel chain then change settings according to the performer.
Old 7th July 2017
Here for the gear

I have the thingies I go back to again and again but for sure it's from song to song or project to project and vocal to vocal.
I also work on a lot of eclectic material.
I do go back to a few items in the collection again and again. Some are obscure, some are well known. 1176/LA2A-- maag magnum PI K-hole limiter or whatever it's really called-- that thing has been great lately on vocals. Like REALLY great. I use a magnatech 21b a lot
Also the UAD precision de-ess gets used a lot.
The Oxford EQ plug for notches where it's hurting me.
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