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PSP 85 is the product of our eternal fascination with the endless possibilities offered by variable sample rate delay lines. PSP 85 benefits from aggressive algorithm optimization and adds numerous significant new features. The plug-in comes with sixty wild and twisted new presets designed to highlight its exciting new attributes. Features:

  • predelay for creating complex rhythmic patterns,
  • delay line output panning,
  • delay gating offering extended control over number of echoes and their level,
  • automatic ducking (with auxiliary sidechain input option), the invaluable tool helping to preserve sound clarity by attenuating superfluous echoes that would have been otherwise masked by hot input signal,
  • filter resonance modulation,
  • LFO song position synchronization for repeatable playback results,
  • input muting allowing to connect the delay lines in series when used on mono tracks,
  • 64 bit audio stream support (only refers to VST format),
  • continuous control over delay time with little harmonic distortion thanks to real-time multipoint resamplers,
  • modulation signal generator consisting of LFO with five click-free waveforms and an envelope follower,
  • 12dB/oct filter with adjustable cutoff and resonance as well as saturation
  • flexible filter routing capabilities,
  • vintage reverberation module for faithful simulation of spring and plate reverb characteristics,
  • edge-filtering of abrupt parameters changes for smooth and click-free operation,
  • support for sampling rates of up to 192kHz,
  • MIDI and VST automation of all parameters.


Ten of the best Delay Plug-Ins

EchoBoy is great, and soooooo deep. PSP Lexicon PCM42 and PSP 85 have a great sound, but the interface is a bit too fiddly, too close to the hardware in this case! For Waves, I still love SuperTap, despite the small and dated-looking interface. The "feedback time" control allows for certain kinds of rhythmic syncopation...

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Plugin Help / Waves Sale

...and ya, the reverb rules. I don't really understand why the H-Delay gets such amazing reviews. I really like the PSP 85 and a couple other expensive ones. Would be nice to find a good cheap one, still looking.

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PSP Audioware introduces Twin-L dual algorithm classic limiter

Actually, a lot of our current plug-ins are zero latency: PSP oldTimer (&PSP oldTimer ME) PSP FETpressor PSP BussPressor PSP Twin-L Lexicon PSP42 PSP 85 PSP 608 MD PSP stompDelay PSP stompFilter PSP HertzRider PSP StereoPack bundle PSP TripleMeter Antoni - high quality audio processors and effects plug-ins in AudioUnit, RTAS, AAX and VST format for Mac and PC

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