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Wade, I know you are super busy with all the new boxes in the pipeline, but I stumbled across an older thread on gearslutz that...

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FunkFaker 5th November 2006
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Has anyone used this box? I like the idea of recall - very...

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Natural Mystic 4th November 2006
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Smart AV release ‘Engine Fast-Switching’ Smart AV is proud to announce the release of a major new revision of software for...

The Press Desk
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Mind-Over-Midi 3rd November 2006
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The long awaited MBP are here! Intel duo 2 processors 2,16 and 2,33GHz, FW400/800 on 15"/17" models, up to 3 GB RAM,...

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theblotted 2nd November 2006
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Designed by French specialist Olivier Bolling for his new company ALternate SOundings, the Dynax was first released during...

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AL.SO 2nd November 2006
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The FieldingDSP wepbage is up, Right now the page is pretty much restricted to beta testers. It is now...

JMJ Auer
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JMJ Auer 2nd November 2006
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djui5 1st November 2006
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Hello all, This isn't the slutiest thing around, but a good little travel companion. If anyone has any questions feel free to...

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Lorddiagram 31st October 2006
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The new EM has a story about a new drum replacement plugin by Roger called the Wendelizer . Sounds interesting. Should be out in...

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e-cue 31st October 2006
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hey there, i believe this is a fairly new summing solution from sma pro audio.....really...

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mixerguy 30th October 2006
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9/29/06 Thank you, Peter Montessi A Designs Audio

Peter Montessi
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jbuntz 30th October 2006
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paulrocker 30th October 2006
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It's time to show your DAW who's boss , Yikes ! $1895 / unit :) i'll take 2 pleeeEEEaaase boing

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Purp 30th October 2006
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Fairlight’s CEO and CTO go LIVE on the Fairlight Forum to spill the beans and answer all your questions about the CC-1...

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TooMuchSauce 30th October 2006
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Check out these: go to "Living Sculptures" How about one of those Frames as...

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nlc201 29th October 2006
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Yep, finally available as unibin. Some are decent actually. The oilcan delay is...

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Solar 29th October 2006
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Jonathan is the only one who have thought of this and then created it. Mr. Little, Would you share more about this...

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Metatone 28th October 2006
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Remix magazine's traveling music-production and -performance seminar, Remix Hotel, is heading back to the land of movie...

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structuredloud 27th October 2006
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So, I don't know if this is actually new but I coudln't find any reviews on it here or on google. What do you guys think? $130...

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narf 27th October 2006
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Production Magic: Revealing Tricks And Conjuring Business The business of record production and the changing role of producers...

The Press Desk
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Jules 26th October 2006
Avatar for MattiMattMatt

Soundbooth BETA Adobe's version of Apple's Soundtrack pro - an audio editing program for video editors. Looks like it handles...

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MattiMattMatt 26th October 2006
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URS CLASSIC CONSOLE COMPRESSOR BUNDLE The URS Classic Console Compressor Bundle digitally re-creates the sound of two popular...

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vaesion 26th October 2006
Avatar for The Press Desk

Mackie Control C4 Now Offers Powerful Control for Reason 3.0, Plus Hands-On Control of Classic Hardware Synths and Other MIDI...

The Press Desk
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beatbed 26th October 2006
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We recently launched our site and it's finally in shape to share with the world - especially with you...

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kennyd03 24th October 2006
Avatar for gashparsnips

Anyone had a chance to compare the 2 yet?

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kmshroom 24th October 2006
Avatar for verystrange

Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know about The Sonic Valentine. A buddy and I started doing a video podcast specially for...

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Vermeer 22nd October 2006
Avatar for Nemesys

hi, i just ordered a Q+ from germany, they will ship worldwide, the price use to be very very expensive before, it seems now that...

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vixapphire 22nd October 2006
Avatar for DirtyMan

I'm not the type to post for sales and such but this is a must peep Whats good folks? I've spent the last few years putting...

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Avatar for max cooper
max cooper 21st October 2006
Avatar for Ethan Winer

Folks, I just finished converting my ModeCalc program to native Windows. I also made a new Windows version of my Frequency /...

Ethan Winer
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peak limit 21st October 2006
Avatar for jdjustice

as of today, McDSP is authorizing iLok trials of its new ML4000 Mastering Limiter!! J.D.

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andreªs 21st October 2006
Avatar for Football

Looks interesting. By the way, you have to scroll down to find this.

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Avatar for kmshroom
kmshroom 20th October 2006
Avatar for robd

Coming soon. This looks really pretty. You can use it to monitor pretty much anything, including cpu usage. You can also use...

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robd 20th October 2006
Avatar for TheSweetener

Don't know if these are ols news, but here's some new tube stuff: Here's the...

replies: 6 views: 2,454
Avatar for demonfuzz
demonfuzz 20th October 2006
Avatar for remo

"Experience your MP3 music beyond studio...

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Avatar for Sonic Nomad
Sonic Nomad 19th October 2006
Avatar for transfiguration

Tascam DV-RA1000HD @Sweetwater: $2K @AMS: $2K With the HD, I think the Masterlink has fallen. Course $1200 up from...

replies: 9 views: 2,418
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cjogo 19th October 2006
Avatar for fredrik@mi7

AES/ San Francisco - Sweden/ Malmö, October 17th, 2006 (ictw) – MI7, the partnership company, headquartered in Malmö, Sweden...

[email protected]
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Avatar for fredrik@mi7
[email protected] 17th October 2006
Avatar for 6strings

MSP7. Appear to be a step up from the latest HS series - likely a replacement for the MSP10. The MSP5 and SW10 look to be the...

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6strings 17th October 2006
Avatar for Glenn Kuras

Hey Folks, Well you asked and you shall receive. kfhkh GIK has now 6 standard colors to choose from for our Tri Traps and...

Glenn Kuras
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Avatar for Glenn Kuras
Glenn Kuras 17th October 2006
Avatar for Recycled_Brains

i was just browsing the Avenson web-page and it appears that they have a tube condensor in the works (TVM), that is geared...

replies: 4 views: 1,535
Avatar for cgarges
cgarges 16th October 2006
Avatar for ddc

Worried About Dust & Other Debris In Your Audio Gear? Now Available: high quality, CUSTOM MADE DUST COVERS for your Pro...

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Avatar for ddc
ddc 15th October 2006
Avatar for lozion

There it is folks, the famous 3 new Universal Audio products for AES:

replies: 60 views: 7,467
Avatar for starfighter
starfighter 14th October 2006
Avatar for ToddP

Hi everyone, We will have the new SCM20SL passive monitors up and running, hooked up to the Drawmer S3 multiband tube...

replies: 31 views: 4,803
Avatar for Sam Lord
Sam Lord 14th October 2006
Avatar for artbeat77

These will be shipping shortly. Here is a link to the demos for the Latin, Original DFH (HUGE double bass kit) and C&V...

replies: 0 views: 1,328
Avatar for artbeat77
artbeat77 13th October 2006
Avatar for t_d

let me start by: :) - i wish elemental audio still marketed these plug ins (inspector XL is great) and they were a nice...

replies: 8 views: 3,595
Avatar for Matthew Presley
Matthew Presley 13th October 2006
Avatar for TBlizz

Almost a year after the initial announcement I read today on Harmony Central: "Ampeg SVX is expected to ship soon, at an...

replies: 18 views: 4,902
Avatar for TBlizz
TBlizz 13th October 2006
Avatar for max cooper

Really, I'm not kidding.

max cooper
replies: 33 views: 5,734
Avatar for jerkrecords
jerkrecords 12th October 2006
Avatar for T.RayBullard

per email: we have just added an 8 channel 1U mic amp same circuit as BG No 1 and 2, 26 - 59 dB of gain, but has 1 HPF...

replies: 20 views: 3,719
Avatar for dlmorley
dlmorley 12th October 2006
Avatar for titanic_ca

Worth a try - I think - goto L I N K and enter info to get it.

replies: 9 views: 4,021
Avatar for Blurt
Blurt 11th October 2006
Avatar for superbass

Anyone check these out at AES? They're the next generation of the MSP5A's. Yamaha MSP Studio Monitors Yamaha Website A chart...

replies: 0 views: 3,301
Avatar for superbass
superbass 10th October 2006
Avatar for blaugruen7

from audio damage. what do you guys think of the audio demos? and its...

replies: 2 views: 2,114
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blaugruen7 10th October 2006


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