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Hello, Gearslutz! At we've launched version 2.0 of the world-first fully manual, real-time controllable online...

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gabrijela 1 minute ago
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The new MC7.1 Surround Sound Monitor Controller. A feature rich monitor controller for 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound, as well as...

The Press Desk
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kieronc 41 minutes ago
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MOTU releases M2 and M4 USB-C Bus Powered Interfaces MOTU is now shipping the M2 and M4, two new USB bus-powered audio...

The Press Desk
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drezz 59 minutes ago
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Everybody who has ever had a chance to listen to a MagicDeathEye compressor has been blown away by its sound. Carefully designed...

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mcanicos 1 hour ago
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HoRNet Plugins has released HoRNet LU Meter MK2, an LU meter plugin with automatic gain setting and grouping...

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10us 2 hours ago
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Solid State Logic Logic Launches Fusion New colours from the masters of analogue. Solid State Logic is extremely...

The Press Desk
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Jeezo 2 hours ago
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We've overhauled TrackComp. All the models have been upgraded from TrackComp 1 and there's four new compressors in there. It's...

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mattias78 2 hours ago
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For those who are interested in a new time stretching/transpose tool. 15 day demo with intro $99.00 pricing. TS by IRCAM Lab

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leonardo777 3 hours ago
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RULE TEC COLLECTION With tons of research and hard work; we are proud to present extremely accurate models of legendary...

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jakeg70888 3 hours ago
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Los Angeles, October 8, 2014 — Building on its unrivaled pedigree of high-end mastering solutions like Eclipse 384, leading...

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griploc_1981 3 hours ago
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SpectraLayers Pro 6 Now Available with New Power and More Features Now part of the comprehensive Steinberg product...

The Press Desk
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shrutiba 3 hours ago
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True Iron is a new plugin made by Shane McFee in conjunction with Devin Powers (Powers Music Company). It accurately emulates...

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Jeezo 3 hours ago
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Get quick access to the signature vocal sound of Greg Wells, producer, songwriter and mixing engineer for Adele, Katy Perry and...

The Press Desk
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i_magi_nation 5 hours ago
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Mastering The Mix Releases BASSROOM Plugin Mastering The Mix Releases ‘BASSROOM’ Plugin - a final mix and mastering...

The Press Desk
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MasteringtheMix 6 hours ago
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TK Audio proudly presents the T-Komp, a compressor with a unique design. The key feature is the ratio, which is level dependent...

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Tekay 7 hours ago
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Introducing Brainworx Bx_console Focusrite SC New plugin available exclusively free for Clarett, Red, RedNet and ISA...

The Press Desk
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Emi 9 hours ago
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Waves Audio and Abbey Road Studios Introduce the Abbey Road Studio 3 Plugin, Powered by Waves Nx Technology Now, you can...

The Press Desk
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Kirk_ 14 hours ago
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Fluid Audio announces 2nd Generation FX Series Coaxial Studio Monitors With its striking new industrial design, accurate...

The Press Desk
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akarma 20 hours ago
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pan60 20 hours ago
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Product: Gold3 Developer: Acustica Audio Price (MSRP): Promo price - 59,70€ - Save 70% OFF - until 2019 Cyber Monday...

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ardis 22 hours ago
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Propellerhead Becomes Reason Studios & Unveils Reason 11 as a Plugin Reason Rack Plugin sets the stage for a new...

The Press Desk
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sardi 23 hours ago
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IK Multimedia releases T-RackS Tape Machine Collection for T-RackS 5 New tape sim plug-ins recreate the iconic character...

The Press Desk
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Andy McGroarty 1 day ago
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FPr7rmkMuQY TL;DW: Coils models the types of distortion you'll find in transformers. OK, I think this...

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fcamp 1 day ago
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Hi folks, I just released the LRM-2, an upgraded/updated version of the LRM-1. It basically incorporates all the pointers and...

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jpgerard 1 day ago
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Mogami Cable Announces New Platinum Studio Cable Series for NAMM 2019
 Mogami is expanding on its top-tier Platinum...

The Press Desk
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Hifihedgehog 1 day ago
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Zoom releases an 8-track version of their Livetrak multitrack recorders. It seems to not just be a smaller version of the L-12...

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Randwolfe 1 day ago
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RME has just announced the new Babyface Pro FS. Here is the official press release...

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barbital 1 day ago
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ROGER MAYER releases 456HD-500: 500 Series Tape Simulation Processor KMR Audio is proud to announce distribution of the...

The Press Desk
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Rob Coates 1 day ago
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Plugin Alliance goes Subscription Los Angeles, CA, July 15 2019 – Plugin Alliance is proud to announce the...

The Press Desk
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drfresh1402 1 day ago
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I'm thrilled to announce a new line of Cascade ribbon mics with factory-installed AMI TR42 boutique transformers. These come with...

Cathedral Guitar
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CK LuPii 1 day ago
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Hi all, We just released a pretty substantial update. Thought I'd let you...

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mr jkn 1 day ago
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United Studio Technologies is proud to announce upcoming availability of the UT FET47 — a faithful reproduction of a...

The Press Desk
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RightOnRome 2 days ago
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It’s been 20 years since Empirical Labs released its first compressor, The Distressor. From those early days on, Empirical...

The Press Desk
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Deif 2 days ago
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sonible releases smart:EQ 2 With smart:EQ 2, the high-end audio plug-in maker sonible releases the first major update...

The Press Desk
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Eric Stravinsky 2 days ago
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The Orion Studio Synergy Core is the most powerful audio interface on the market that offers unprecedented FX processing power...

Antelope Audio
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Nick Tammer 2 days ago
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iLoud Micro Monitor - the smallest studio reference monitor in the world Hear the truth in your music everywhere you...

Peter - IK
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akarma 2 days ago
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Heritage Audio proudly presents their new line of Reference Audio Monitoring Systems. Pictures up shortly. R.A.M. SYSTEMS...

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BusyBoxSt7 2 days ago
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Yes, emulation is fun but new concepts are even more fun. I'm happy to finally announce the release of...

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don1thedon 2 days ago
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Mangling drums, giving new life to multi-mic tracked drums, enhancing and more. We packed some very powerful features in a very...

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quintosardo 2 days ago
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Audient Introduces Nero Desktop Monitor Controller British audio company Audient is proud to present Nero, the desktop...

The Press Desk
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jreinhard 2 days ago
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Behold: the REDDI Bass DI plugin, from A-Designs Digital by Kush. . . . . Until...

u b k
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Avatar for u b k
u b k 2 days ago
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Steinberg releases Groove Agent 5 Steinberg’s major update for its Groove Agent drum studio software offers a wide...

The Press Desk
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Scragend 2 days ago
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Arturia releases 3 Compressors You'll Actually Use Following the success of their debut software effects in 2018, modelling...

The Press Desk
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EBDA1176 2 days ago
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Black Lion Audio is beyond proud to introduce... The Bluey The "Bluey" is a modified "Blue Stripe"...

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ribbontubedude 2 days ago
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Hello Gearslutz, it’s been a while but I thought I should drop in and let you know two exciting bits of news over here at Roll...

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Ox Han 2 days ago
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Just showed up on their web page... KT-2A | Compressors/Limiters | Signal Processors | Klarkteknik | Categories | MUSIC Tribe

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Avatar for Johnny Mack
Johnny Mack 2 days ago
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IK Multimedia unveils AXE I/O premium audio interface with unique advanced guitar tone shaping High-end audio interface...

The Press Desk
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Avatar for Arthur Stone
Arthur Stone 2 days ago
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Wave Alchemy introduces BASSYNTH Imagine having instant access to the most revered Bass instruments in existence; Filthy...

The Press Desk
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Canadian_Farmer 2 days ago
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Avid announces S1 and S4 control surfaces Avid Expands Audio Control Surface Portfolio to Better Address Needs of...

The Press Desk
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blayz2002 2 days ago
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Dear friends from GearSlutz. Six months have passed since we released the Echorec. But also, 500 years ago to the day,...

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Kisame 2 days ago


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