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Just released!!! TDR SlickEQ M - Mastering Edition | Tokyo Dawn Records

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MogwaiBoy 8 minutes ago
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AFX2DAW now available for Discrete 4 & 8 Premium owners The long-anticipated Antelope...

Antelope Audio
replies: 198 views: 19,734
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siniarch 14 minutes ago
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Waves introduces CLA MixHub Plugin The first plugin of its kind, CLA MixHub captures the smooth console workflow and rich...

The Press Desk
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Glenn Bucci 26 minutes ago
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In 2015 SPL released the IRON mastering compressor based on an original concept. Their goal was to conceive a compressor...

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plx 41 minutes ago
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TK Audio releases TK-lizer 2 TK Audio ends the 10 year anniversary with the release of the TK-lizer 2 which is a hot new...

The Press Desk
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Progmatic-Studios 1 hour ago
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VoosteQ has released Material Comp, a compressor plug-in equipped with DFP (Division of Force Processing), a technology that...

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PointOfDeparture 2 hours ago
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Just showed up on their web page... KT-2A | Compressors/Limiters | Signal Processors | Klarkteknik | Categories | MUSIC Tribe

replies: 440 views: 103,965
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cap217 3 hours ago
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The just released Safe Sound Audio P501 is the first channel strip in the 500 format ever. It is a clean mic pre, accepts...

replies: 31 views: 7,101
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Mr Funk 3 hours ago
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True Iron is a new plugin made by Shane McFee in conjunction with Devin Powers (Powers Music Company). It accurately emulates...

replies: 1,252 views: 187,966
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djdarkstep 3 hours ago
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SSL releases Native V6 plug-ins Signature SSL processing for your DAW in an enhanced environment Solid State Logic is...

The Press Desk
replies: 610 views: 72,194
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Fishmed 3 hours ago
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Audient Introduces Nero Desktop Monitor Controller British audio company Audient is proud to present Nero, the desktop...

The Press Desk
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dudleys100 3 hours ago
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Wavesfactory Announce Spectre Multi-band Enhancer Plug-in Wavesfactory, creators of innovative plug-ins and Kontakt...

The Press Desk
replies: 199 views: 22,685
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jbone1313 5 hours ago
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PreSonus Expands Thunderbolt Interface Line with Quantum 2626 Baton Rouge, Louisiana—January 2019… The newest model...

The Press Desk
replies: 114 views: 10,451
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~ufo~ 5 hours ago
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NoHype Audio just released their SRM-1 Stereo Ribbon Microphone. From the description on their website: "The SRM-1 is a...

replies: 121 views: 10,185
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jamesmafyew 5 hours ago
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Solid State Logic releases Native v6.3 with X-EQ 2 and machine-based iLok licensing New software adds powerful new X-EQ 2,...

The Press Desk
replies: 21 views: 4,019
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FrenchHouse 6 hours ago
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Solid State Logic launches SSL 2 and SSL 2+ Audio Interfaces Professional personal and collaborative studio packages bring...

The Press Desk
replies: 591 views: 117,496
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lumpcalhoon 7 hours ago
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PROCESS.AUDIO Releases Sugar, The Ultimate Audio Sweetener Plug-in— the world's premier audio learning...

The Press Desk
replies: 164 views: 28,018
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Comp670 is the Overloud recreation of a very rare legendary tube compressor. It has a unique and distinctive tone thanks to...

replies: 230 views: 34,556
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scolfaro 8 hours ago
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Genelec announces 8351B and 8361A coaxial monitors and W371A Adaptive Woofer System Genelec, the world leader in...

The Press Desk
replies: 242 views: 36,843
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javier fracchia 9 hours ago
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CLICK HERE FOR LAUNCH VIDEO: YouTube One of the greatest parts about my job is being able to create products that I have...

Steven Slate
replies: 906 views: 93,205
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kedbear 9 hours ago
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Introducing the Heritage Audio SUCCESSOR! Let your mixes succeed with the new Heritage Audio Successor Master Bus...

replies: 194 views: 32,872
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Its Mork 9 hours ago
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Z7hZ1wDg1GE TL;DW: MV is a dual-mono reverb based on BitShiftGain and the old Midiverbs. Back in the days...

replies: 16 views: 3,010
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Kip Casey 9 hours ago
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Everybody who has ever had a chance to listen to a MagicDeathEye compressor has been blown away by its sound. Carefully designed...

replies: 577 views: 92,989
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alibling 10 hours ago
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It’s been 20 years since Empirical Labs released its first compressor, The Distressor. From those early days on, Empirical...

The Press Desk
replies: 4,570 views: 750,982
FOURTHTUNZ 11 hours ago
Avatar for AnalogObsession

Fully re-designed! Now, it’s the best with extra features! Extra MIX and DETECTOR options! Better control with...

replies: 21 views: 3,187
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hrih67 11 hours ago
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Softube releases Tube-Tech Mk II Collections With new sound, new features, and totally fresh new hi-res graphics, Softube’s...

The Press Desk
replies: 303 views: 46,696
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Mercado_Negro 12 hours ago
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HoRNet AnalogStage emulates those sound characteristics usually associated with analog gear (saturation, hiss, non linear...

replies: 96 views: 19,713
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nichttuntun 14 hours ago
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Aurora DSP is a new startup in the audio software industry. We set out to create a bass plugin with excellent sound, capable of...

replies: 39 views: 4,801
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lydfar 15 hours ago
replies: 1,682 views: 185,990
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zinzin 16 hours ago
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Acustica is pleased to release LEMON, a Dreamware Multi-Tap...

replies: 342 views: 41,518
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mininoyz 17 hours ago
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Softube launches Console 1 Fader Building on the success of Console 1 was never going to be easy. But we believe in ambitious...

The Press Desk
replies: 101 views: 17,341
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blayz2002 18 hours ago
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ENTER INFINITY VIDEO: Introducing Infinity...

Steven Slate
replies: 392 views: 45,160
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Gabriel C Media 20 hours ago
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Dear friends from GearSlutz. Six months have passed since we released the Echorec. But also, 500 years ago to the day,...

replies: 978 views: 114,035
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stealthbalance 20 hours ago
Avatar for Solar

Here's the new Tascam Model 24. A classic...

replies: 284 views: 48,630
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Bannny 20 hours ago
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Leapwing Audio announces DynOne 3 We're really pleased to announce a major new FREE update for DynOne. DynOne 3 has...

The Press Desk
replies: 69 views: 9,285
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MichaelDroste 21 hours ago
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If anyone at NAMM gets time to have a look at this, please report back! soothe2...

replies: 522 views: 58,155
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temnov 1 day ago
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Specifications Style Over-ear, open-circumaural Transducer type Planar Magnetic Magnetic...

replies: 100 views: 13,515
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Macaroni 1 day ago
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Universal Audio Announces New Apollo X Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interfaces for Mac and Windows Apollo X allows music...

The Press Desk
replies: 1,548 views: 146,383
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RightOnRome 1 day ago
replies: 1,237 views: 189,276
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testing1two 1 day ago
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After some time, we are back to emulation. While designing new concepts is amazing, there is something magic in emulation. That...

replies: 302 views: 23,849
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db9d9 1 day ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

IK Multimedia unveils iLoud MTM reference monitor Compact monitor with high-end design re-invents nearfield monitoring...

The Press Desk
replies: 776 views: 96,789
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JblKid95 1 day ago
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As if the previous version wasn't (and sill is) amazing enough.. They've just announce a slight cheaper/smaller version. I'm...

replies: 42 views: 9,659
Avatar for jondom22
jondom22 1 day ago
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FabFilter releases Pro-L 2 true peak limiter plug-in FabFilter is proud to announce availability of Pro-L 2, a major...

The Press Desk
replies: 181 views: 32,832
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~ufo~ 1 day ago
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DS Audio Software releases THORN Dmitry Sches and Plugivery are today proud to announce the launch and availability of...

The Press Desk
replies: 33 views: 7,419
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stonelark 1 day ago
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Plugin Alliance presents: Dear Reality 3D Mixing...

replies: 64 views: 17,320
Avatar for _gl
_gl 1 day ago
Avatar for 262579

I did a search on the forums but found nothing... Behringer: U-PHORIA UMC1820 Seems pretty awesome for the options and at a...

replies: 303 views: 151,169
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NerdyFiddler 1 day ago
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Two new Acqua libraries for Nebula4 by SoundDrops are out: PURETEQ BUNDLE and the complimentary...

replies: 72 views: 7,688
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BigSmo 1 day ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

Arturia introduces new AudioFuse range of audio interfaces To coincide with the 2019 NAMM Show in Anaheim CA, French...

The Press Desk
replies: 26 views: 9,050
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The Press Desk 1 day ago
Avatar for crypticglobe

This little thing is a real killer! Lot's of great i/o, very cool DSP. The amp models are insane... and this comes from a...

replies: 2,048 views: 204,499
Avatar for InHiding
InHiding 1 day ago
Avatar for HoRNet

HoRNet has released ChannelStrip MK3, the third version of their complete mixing solution for Mac OS X and Windows in VST2, VST3,...

replies: 48 views: 7,338
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nichttuntun 1 day ago


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