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Hello producers, Eplex7 DSP releases Vintage vacuum tube VD76 plugin...

Eplex7 DSP
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cool-on 5 minutes ago
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OUT NOW: Save 40% on our brand new VERONA VINTAGE TUBE CONSOLE. A plugin with very unique and strong vintage character...

London Acoustics
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putte 9 minutes ago
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Introducing Zen and the Art of Mixing 2021. This revision is so big, I gave the book a new cover....

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Hardtoe 50 minutes ago
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The next generation Discrete 8 Thunderbolt/USB interface, the Discrete 8 Synergy Core is loaded with dual DSP chips and an FPGA...

Antelope Audio
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FOURTHTUNZ 1 hour ago
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dSONIQ has updated Realphones to 1.5. Realphones re-creates acoustic environment of recording studio control room in your...

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dSONIQ 1 hour ago
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Empirical Labs announces availability of its BIG FrEQTM plug-in, partially extrapolated from its Lil FrEQ...

The Press Desk
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highvoltage 1 hour ago
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TAL just put out their Jupiter-8 emulation. Thought it worthy of it's own New Products thread. rockout Haven't had...

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Funkybot 1 hour ago
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CLICK HERE FOR LAUNCH VIDEO VISIT THE VSX WEBPAGE Introducing the Steven Slate Audio VSX system. In 2001 I...

Steven Slate
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mvsic 1 hour ago
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EXPONENTIAL AUDIO R4 ARRIVES MARCH 10, $299/€289 With special pricing for...

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NathanBarley 2 hours ago
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I just released three new sample packs over at All these samples were recorded through a vintage...

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Mike110492 3 hours ago
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It’s been 20 years since Empirical Labs released its first compressor, The Distressor. From those early days on, Empirical...

The Press Desk
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GBP 5 hours ago
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MOTU releases M2 and M4 USB-C Bus Powered Interfaces MOTU is now shipping the M2 and M4, two new USB bus-powered audio...

The Press Desk
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360studios15 5 hours ago
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DMAX Audio Introduces the Super Cubes 5 Active Near-Field monitors. DMAX Audio...

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jm2c 6 hours ago
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Products: Cerise Developer: Acustica Audio Cerise- Price (MSRP): Cerise is a commercial plugin released as a free Christmas...

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AcusticaCM 8 hours ago
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Sonimus releases StonEQ 4k Satson series StonEQ 4k is inspired by the idea of mixing the best of the 4000 EQ’s two...

The Press Desk
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amin.sonimus 8 hours ago
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Sonimus releases Satson Channel Strip Plug-In Satson Channel Strip is a powerful virtual rack which allows you to use up to...

The Press Desk
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amin.sonimus 9 hours ago
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Exclusive limited edition celebrating 1000 Mastering Limiters sold. Only 200 pieces...

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HansMues 9 hours ago
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“The new HEDD product line demonstrates what can be achieved today both in audio quality and control versatility. We...

The Press Desk
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Fgiraldo 12 hours ago
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A few words from Mastering The Mix: Ever felt your mix didn’t sound as good as your reference tracks? It can be...

The Press Desk
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MasteringtheMix 12 hours ago
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Straight from the website: Audio resolution manipulator for sound design and destruction. This plugin was created with...

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Mokey 16 hours ago
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IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube® 5 - the acclaimed guitar and bass tone studio is now available for download And a...

The Press Desk
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SyneRyder 17 hours ago
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1ztFlnEC-zg TL;DW: Console7 is the best Console yet, with anti-alias filtering and special saturation...

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WhatWouldGsusDo 17 hours ago
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Looks like AudioScape will be having an EQP-1A clone out at the end of the month. Posted on their Facebook and instagram pages,...

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jvpsounds 17 hours ago
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Transify | Joey Sturgis Tones "Audio Plugin Transify is an affordable tool for manipulating the dynamics in your mix and...

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Sonic Supreme 20 hours ago
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Fuse Audio Labs presents the VCL-864U Vintage Tube Limiter/Compressor...

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motomotomoto 20 hours ago
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IK Multimedia unveils iLoud MTM reference monitor Compact monitor with high-end design re-invents nearfield monitoring...

The Press Desk
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NoPro 21 hours ago
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Neumann announces V 402 state-of-the art dual channel microphone preamplifier The V 402 is a state-of-the art dual...

The Press Desk
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INARI 22 hours ago
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CP523V | CLASS A VALVE OPTO COMPRESSOR Fully Featured Valve Opto-Compressor Discrete Tube Class A Gain Stage ...

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Bart_UK 23 hours ago
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Hungary hasn't had a studio outboard manufacturing company since the last days of BEAG which was in the early 90’s. However,...

The Press Desk
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bojan_1 23 hours ago
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To get you into the holiday spirit, Arturia are offering a free gift for musicians, producers, and sound designers...

The Press Desk
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Illusionaire 1 day ago
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Antelope Audio Releases Powerful Refresh to Orion Studio Interface Orion Studio 2017 Takes Users to the Outer Reaches of...

The Press Desk
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Gutz 1 day ago
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Silo SoundLabs Releases Trident Audio Plug-ins SiloDNA* modeling is extremely low latency, low CPU...

The Press Desk
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alanhyatt 1 day ago
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Acon Digital has released Extract:Dialogue, a plug-in that separates dialogue from common types of background noise such as wind,...

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saagedal 1 day ago
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Looks kind of cool. 4K Listen Mic Compressor. Nice concept.

Matt Hepworth
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blaugruen7 1 day ago
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Locomotive Audio is excited to announce a V72 style tube preamp to its sub-brand, Weight Tank. This ultra-affordable unit is...

Locomotive Audio
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FOURTHTUNZ 1 day ago
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PedalBench is our new series of effects for Guitar, Bass and whatever (synths, mixing,...

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quintosardo 1 day ago
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ValhallaVintageVerb is a postmodern reverb plugin, inspired by the classic hardware digital reverbs of the 1970s and...

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gollumsluvslave 1 day ago
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The Stereo Dynamic Shelving Equalizer In late 2016, I had the first, rough blue prints ready for a dynamic EQ concept that...

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macc 1 day ago
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can't believe this hasn't been discussed yet.

the fxs
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the fxs 1 day ago
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TC Electronic Announce Midas Heritage Series DYN 3000 & PEQ 3000 plug-ins and Optional USB-Powered Desktop Controllers...

The Press Desk
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Bungle 1 day ago
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Barefoot Sound, the Portland audio powerhouse, is introducing the Footprint01 (tm) speaker at Winter NAMM. The new powered...

The Press Desk
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GP_Hawk 1 day ago
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ENTER INFINITY VIDEO: Introducing Infinity...

Steven Slate
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pablometal 1 day ago
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Updated with real-time analytics and new filters ..

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Danielbest1 1 day ago
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Holy crap, this was in my Instagram feed. If this sounds half as great as it!

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AudioScape 1 day ago
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Softube launches Weiss Compressor/Limiter plug-in The mastering stage is the last chance to make or break a track, so...

The Press Desk
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Shaman 1 day ago
Avatar for Hrodulf

Sonarworks Reference 4 delivers confidence in sound for everyone October 2017 - Sonarworks has released its fourth generation...

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nyrizzie 1 day ago
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Hey all, we're proud to say IT'S DONE heh Below is the marketing blurb. I'd like to add that this thing is one of my...

Denis Goekdag
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Brainiac Beats 2 days ago
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For all Audeze headphones users there's a new plugin available...

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OrphicTrench 2 days ago
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Have you ever seen a plugin that sounds so much better when you put it on? And later discovered that it just adds 1 dB of gain on...

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Avatar for letimix
letimix 2 days ago
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“The most legendary opto in recording history—one that shaped the entire development of music for over half a century—comes...

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Avatar for Steven Slate
Steven Slate 2 days ago