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One of those powerful yet simple contributes to sound, input and output transformers. AnyTesla is a new plugin that contains a...

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Tod Slaughter 4 minutes ago
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Soundtheory Announces Windows Version of Gullfoss Debuts Windows version of Gullfoss Intelligent EQ at NAMM 2019 with...

The Press Desk
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soupiraille 20 minutes ago
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I know, I know - when it comes to analog tape emulations it's a heated topic. So, don't eat me alive, but I'm really hyped about...

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ozzkar 1 hour ago
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True Iron is a new plugin made by Shane McFee in conjunction with Devin Powers (Powers Music Company). It accurately emulates...

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Idontcare 2 hours ago
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Solid State Logic launches SSL 2 and SSL 2+ Audio Interfaces Professional personal and collaborative studio packages bring...

The Press Desk
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ghostman 2 hours ago
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Plugin Boutique updates Scaler to Version 1.8 Scaler is a unique and inspirational MIDI effect that makes finding chords...

The Press Desk
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adl 2 hours ago
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IK Multimedia unveils iLoud MTM reference monitor Compact monitor with high-end design re-invents nearfield monitoring...

The Press Desk
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bilal.robin 3 hours ago
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thEQred Linear phase precision, velvet softness • Perpetual License: MSRP: $489, Limited Time Offer: $389 Red Is The New...

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Robb Robinson 4 hours ago
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Genelec announces 8351B and 8361A coaxial monitors and W371A Adaptive Woofer System Genelec, the world leader in...

The Press Desk
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World Studios 5 hours ago
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Softube releases Chandler Limited® Germanium Compressor plug-in Linköping, Sweden, February 21st, 2020. A highly...

The Press Desk
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BeatsWilsonian 6 hours ago
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Mastering The Mix Releases BASSROOM Plugin Mastering The Mix Releases ‘BASSROOM’ Plugin - a final mix and mastering...

The Press Desk
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Cake 6 hours ago
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It’s been 20 years since Empirical Labs released its first compressor, The Distressor. From those early days on, Empirical...

The Press Desk
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Mushy 6 hours ago
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Focusrite Launches 3rd-Generation Scarlett Range Los Angeles, CA, July 2, 2019 – Focusrite announces the 3rd...

The Press Desk
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BrettB 7 hours ago
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Waves Audio (Booth 6620, Hall A), a leading provider of digital signal processing solutions, introduces Waves Nx, a Virtual...

The Press Desk
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candyflip 7 hours ago
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Audio-Technica Offers Two New ATM350a Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone Systems Stow, OH, February 26, 2019 —...

The Press Desk
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Glenn Bucci 7 hours ago
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Black Lion Audio is beyond proud to introduce... The Bluey The "Bluey" is a modified "Blue Stripe"...

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MikeInOttawa 9 hours ago
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Hi! We are very proud to announce The SA-EQP1A, one of our most ambitious projects to date. Until now, there wasn’t any product...

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joshuanaconda 11 hours ago
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Sennheiser launches the IE 400 PRO and IE 500 PRO in-ear monitors Wedemark/Anaheim, January 24, 2019 – At NAMM,...

The Press Desk
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Soarer 12 hours ago
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Audient Announces New Audio Interface: iD44 British manufacturer Audient raises the stakes once again with the release...

The Press Desk
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olsontex 13 hours ago
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Kali Audio Announces new IN-8 Coincident Studio Monitor Kali Audio has announced the IN-8, a new 3-way studio monitor...

The Press Desk
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musictracer 13 hours ago
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Klark Teknik New Product Release: MIC BOOSTER CT1 Compact Dynamic Microphone Booster with High-Quality Preamp MIC...

The Press Desk
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QueenSisi 15 hours ago
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Sonimus releases Satson Channel Strip Plug-In Satson Channel Strip is a powerful virtual rack which allows you to use up to...

The Press Desk
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nil hartman 16 hours ago
Avatar for quintosardo

After some time, we are back to emulation. While designing new concepts is amazing, there is something magic in emulation. That...

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World Studios 16 hours ago
Avatar for quintosardo

We are extremely happy to say that we finally managed to release the first AAX version of SDC (Stereo Double Compressor). SDC...

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Avatar for quintosardo
quintosardo 17 hours ago
Avatar for Steven Slate

PLAY VIDEO: SSD5.5 is available now. SSD5 Users can get this update for FREE. If you're still on SSD4, check your...

Steven Slate
replies: 140 views: 15,583
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Codeseven 17 hours ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

The Warm Audio BUS-COMP is an all-analog, 2 channel, stereo VCA compressor based on classic circuitry that has provided silky...

The Press Desk
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Scragend 17 hours ago
Avatar for abernathy

ALYJAMES LAB | ALY JAMES LAB VLINN 2.0 VST --- VLINN VST LINNDRUM LM-1 DRUM MACHINE I'm excited to get to use this now!...

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Avatar for sueisfine
sueisfine 18 hours ago
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MOTU releases M2 and M4 USB-C Bus Powered Interfaces MOTU is now shipping the M2 and M4, two new USB bus-powered audio...

The Press Desk
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LC155 20 hours ago
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Waves releases Scheps Omni Channel Plug-In Designed with Grammy-winning mixer Andrew Scheps (Adele, Jay Z, Metallica),...

The Press Desk
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simon.billington 21 hours ago
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Finally!!! We can officially say she is finished with excitement and so proud of the end result. Our beautiful U47 Clone BU47!!...

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Avatar for Glenn Bucci
Glenn Bucci 22 hours ago
Avatar for AnalogObsession

Hi, I was working on this one for a month. Finally finished GUI and tests. Decided to release Version 1.0. It's great for...

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broco 23 hours ago
Avatar for Arionas

I've just received this email from HoRNet :) Hi, Saverio from HoRNet Plugins here, I'm writing to let you know that we have...

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Avatar for Stikkers
Stikkers 1 day ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

Solid State Logic (SSL) announce the first preview of the latest ORIGIN analogue console at AES NY 2019. As the latest in a...

The Press Desk
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Avatar for Cool711
Cool711 1 day ago
Avatar for In The Mix

Frank Tedesco of Korg USA introduces the latest Korg i3 Arranger Workstation hybrid at the NAMM 2020. So it's neither a fully...

In The Mix
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Avatar for Fleer
Fleer 1 day ago
Avatar for mattrixx

As if the previous version wasn't (and sill is) amazing enough.. They've just announce a slight cheaper/smaller version. I'm...

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Avatar for citrusonic
citrusonic 1 day ago
Avatar for pulsar modular

The Pulsar 900 Series Modular Synthesizer is the result of painstaking analysis and detailed modeling of classic, large format,...

pulsar modular
replies: 75 views: 10,557
Avatar for Raddler
Raddler 1 day ago
Avatar for aves

Not affiliated with APS, but i very much liked the old version of the Klasiks which imho was a great bang for the buck. Very...

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aves 1 day ago
Avatar for Wavesfactory

It's our 10th anniversary at Wavesfactory! In order to celebrate, we are offering a new plugin for free: Cassette...

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Avatar for ratzekind
ratzekind 1 day ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

IK Multimedia unveils AXE I/O premium audio interface with unique advanced guitar tone shaping High-end audio interface...

The Press Desk
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Avatar for Fendersunburst
Fendersunburst 1 day ago
Avatar for saagedal

Acon Digital has released version 7.2 of their powerful audio editor Acoustica for Windows and Mac. The Mac version now supports...

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Avatar for Kimotei
Kimotei 1 day ago
Avatar for API Sez...

API is proud to introduce THE BOX Console, now with a new updated feature set. Initially released over five years ago, THE BOX,...

API Sez...
replies: 177 views: 21,859
Avatar for andersmv
andersmv 1 day ago
Avatar for Megalobass

RME has just announced the new Babyface Pro FS. Here is the official press release...

replies: 130 views: 36,801
Avatar for jimmydeluxe
jimmydeluxe 1 day ago
Avatar for Steven Slate

ENTER INFINITY VIDEO: Introducing Infinity...

Steven Slate
replies: 416 views: 49,393
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herewardcarringt 1 day ago
Avatar for bradavenson

Now available from Avenson Audio and Avenson Audio Dealers: Building on...

replies: 8 views: 2,978
Avatar for Kronos147
Kronos147 1 day ago
Avatar for quintosardo

I'm really happy to present this tool for adding "dimension" to mono and stereo tracks. It is an emulation of a well...

replies: 161 views: 29,865
Avatar for quintosardo
quintosardo 1 day ago
Avatar for raddistribution

After almost 7 years making one of the finest hi-end outboard gear lines in the industry, Heritage Audio is proud to introduce...

replies: 439 views: 88,829
Avatar for RightOnRome
RightOnRome 1 day ago
Avatar for quintosardo

And, after a long run, they are coming all out as AAX, starting with native and going to...

replies: 59 views: 6,180
Avatar for quintosardo
quintosardo 1 day ago
Avatar for quintosardo

The new one, DolA, now available. This is a...

replies: 172 views: 21,958
Avatar for quintosardo
quintosardo 1 day ago
Avatar for JB3

Meter Plugs and Ian Shepherd (Mastering Engineer) have teamed to release a new plugin called Perception. The plugin provides for...

replies: 256 views: 45,215
Avatar for zwolf
zwolf 2 days ago
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IK Multimedia T-RackS® Sunset Sound Studio Reverb recreates iconic studio's spaces Reverb processor module offers the...

The Press Desk
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Avatar for kj.metissage
kj.metissage 2 days ago


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