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IK Multimedia unveils iLoud MTM reference monitor Compact monitor with high-end design re-invents nearfield monitoring...

The Press Desk
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Geronimos Guitar 18 minutes ago
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Audient Announces New Audio Interface: iD44 British manufacturer Audient raises the stakes once again with the release...

The Press Desk
replies: 628 views: 96,779
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chinesewhiteman 19 minutes ago
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RME has just announced the new Babyface Pro FS. Here is the official press release...

replies: 130 views: 36,610
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jimmydeluxe 20 minutes ago
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ENTER INFINITY VIDEO: Introducing Infinity...

Steven Slate
replies: 416 views: 49,201
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herewardcarringt 32 minutes ago
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Soundtheory Announces Windows Version of Gullfoss Debuts Windows version of Gullfoss Intelligent EQ at NAMM 2019 with...

The Press Desk
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RJHollins 37 minutes ago
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thEQred Linear phase precision, velvet softness • Perpetual License: MSRP: $489, Limited Time Offer: $389 Red Is The New...

replies: 107 views: 11,284
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lyosha 1 hour ago
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I know, I know - when it comes to analog tape emulations it's a heated topic. So, don't eat me alive, but I'm really hyped about...

replies: 78 views: 9,247
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ozzkar 1 hour ago
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Now available from Avenson Audio and Avenson Audio Dealers: Building on...

replies: 8 views: 2,965
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Kronos147 1 hour ago
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I'm really happy to present this tool for adding "dimension" to mono and stereo tracks. It is an emulation of a well...

replies: 161 views: 29,815
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quintosardo 1 hour ago
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Mastering The Mix Releases BASSROOM Plugin Mastering The Mix Releases ‘BASSROOM’ Plugin - a final mix and mastering...

The Press Desk
replies: 697 views: 81,947
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TheKosherButcher 1 hour ago
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It’s been 20 years since Empirical Labs released its first compressor, The Distressor. From those early days on, Empirical...

The Press Desk
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TNC 2 hours ago
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API is proud to introduce THE BOX Console, now with a new updated feature set. Initially released over five years ago, THE BOX,...

API Sez...
replies: 174 views: 21,748
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bkb911T 3 hours ago
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After almost 7 years making one of the finest hi-end outboard gear lines in the industry, Heritage Audio is proud to introduce...

replies: 439 views: 88,719
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RightOnRome 3 hours ago
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True Iron is a new plugin made by Shane McFee in conjunction with Devin Powers (Powers Music Company). It accurately emulates...

replies: 1,311 views: 198,188
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b0se 4 hours ago
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Black Lion Audio is beyond proud to introduce... The Bluey The "Bluey" is a modified "Blue Stripe"...

replies: 116 views: 24,174
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Patrick_ 5 hours ago
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And, after a long run, they are coming all out as AAX, starting with native and going to...

replies: 59 views: 6,149
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quintosardo 5 hours ago
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The new one, DolA, now available. This is a...

replies: 172 views: 21,922
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quintosardo 6 hours ago
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As if the previous version wasn't (and sill is) amazing enough.. They've just announce a slight cheaper/smaller version. I'm...

replies: 60 views: 12,206
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danger 7 hours ago
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Not affiliated with APS, but i very much liked the old version of the Klasiks which imho was a great bang for the buck. Very...

replies: 180 views: 14,594
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Keith99 7 hours ago
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After some time, we are back to emulation. While designing new concepts is amazing, there is something magic in emulation. That...

replies: 414 views: 28,828
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quintosardo 7 hours ago
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Finally!!! We can officially say she is finished with excitement and so proud of the end result. Our beautiful U47 Clone BU47!!...

replies: 29 views: 4,619
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legato 10 hours ago
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Meter Plugs and Ian Shepherd (Mastering Engineer) have teamed to release a new plugin called Perception. The plugin provides for...

replies: 256 views: 45,184
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zwolf 11 hours ago
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IK Multimedia T-RackS® Sunset Sound Studio Reverb recreates iconic studio's spaces Reverb processor module offers the...

The Press Desk
replies: 705 views: 76,561
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kj.metissage 11 hours ago
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Los Angeles, October 8, 2014 — Building on its unrivaled pedigree of high-end mastering solutions like Eclipse 384, leading...

replies: 524 views: 76,745
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griploc_1981 11 hours ago
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The All New ISOVOX 2 Home Pro Vocal Studio is now pre-launched. It's Exceptional. Record with 360 XYZ Pro Acoustics, Practice...

Philip Olsson
replies: 61 views: 10,923
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The-Zeronaut 13 hours ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

Leapwing Audio Releases New Plugin for Width & Depth Enhancement: StageOne Leapwing Audio, a young Belgian development...

The Press Desk
replies: 124 views: 18,306
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MogwaiBoy 13 hours ago
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Plugindoctor fills a longstanding gap in the market: a cross-platform and cross-bitformat plugin analyzer for VST and AU plugins....

replies: 415 views: 47,351
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MogwaiBoy 13 hours ago
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vintage-style multi-band compressor designed for demanding track processing, buss, mix, and mastering compression. PSP...

M Albazy
replies: 25 views: 5,131
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phaz 18 hours ago
Avatar for Lando Calrissian

I just demoed this thing at AES. It sounds amazing! It's sort of like a solid state C800G. All they'd say is that it's...

Lando Calrissian
replies: 806 views: 94,539
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StevenLMorgan 22 hours ago
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I did not see the tape pickers of artur fisher on the site, there is the RM-5 but especially the RM-6 which is of excellent...

replies: 5 views: 2,171
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axisdreamer 1 day ago
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TDR Limiter 6 GE is a modern dynamics compression and limiting toolkit featuring six specialized modules that can be arranged in...

replies: 413 views: 71,237
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nomoreflakes 1 day ago
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Output, Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of PORTAL, a granular synthesis FX plugin that transforms audio in a...

replies: 70 views: 9,442
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Sampleconstruct 1 day ago
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We've overhauled TrackComp. All the models have been upgraded from TrackComp 1 and there's four new compressors in there. It's...

replies: 608 views: 80,515
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Herzton 1 day ago
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Waves Audio (Booth 6620, Hall A), a leading provider of digital signal processing solutions, introduces Waves Nx, a Virtual...

The Press Desk
replies: 736 views: 99,157
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DustBrigade 1 day ago
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New Soyuz Product - The Launcher Soyuz Microphones will release “a little magic box” designed to give common microphones...

The Press Desk
replies: 125 views: 20,377
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robshrock 1 day ago
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Everybody who has ever had a chance to listen to a MagicDeathEye compressor has been blown away by its sound. Carefully designed...

replies: 611 views: 100,491
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PointOfDeparture 1 day ago
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Sonic integrity at higher dBs — Dynamic, transparent and loud T-RackS Stealth Limiter is a new kind of processor for the...

The Press Desk
replies: 279 views: 59,518
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Surbitone 1 day ago
Avatar for Skamm Goodiez

BURL Audio is releasing 2 new cards for the B80 and B16 MOTHERSHIPs this fall. Announcing the BAD4M, a mastering grade,...

Skamm Goodiez
replies: 11 views: 3,268
Avatar for Skamm Goodiez
Skamm Goodiez 1 day ago
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Genelec announces 8351B and 8361A coaxial monitors and W371A Adaptive Woofer System Genelec, the world leader in...

The Press Desk
replies: 300 views: 42,177
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World Studios 1 day ago
Avatar for Nuuk

This has been one of the statements we received from our customers - and we wouldn't know how to put it any better. Stacktune is...

replies: 65 views: 7,573
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daxliniere 1 day ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

Softube releases Chandler Limited® Curve Bender plug-in in native format If there was a hierarchy of analog studio gear...

The Press Desk
replies: 257 views: 37,376
Avatar for Nevel
Nevel 1 day ago
Avatar for stevejem

Sweetsonics releases LASER - “Precise Sidechainer” Audio Plugin We are a brand new plugin company from Helsinki,...

replies: 78 views: 10,124
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alex_danilov 1 day ago
Avatar for Harrison Press

Harrison is proud to announce the latest update to our flagship DAW, Mixbus32C! Mixbus32C is a full-featured audio workstation...

Harrison Press
replies: 33 views: 6,439
Avatar for Patrick_
Patrick_ 1 day ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

Waves releases Scheps Omni Channel Plug-In Designed with Grammy-winning mixer Andrew Scheps (Adele, Jay Z, Metallica),...

The Press Desk
replies: 769 views: 120,069
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NekstMusick 1 day ago
Avatar for eqverb

Looks like 2020 is the year for portable/desktop solutions :

replies: 260 views: 36,977
Avatar for shanghaitang
shanghaitang 1 day ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

Kali Audio Announces new IN-8 Coincident Studio Monitor Kali Audio has announced the IN-8, a new 3-way studio monitor...

The Press Desk
replies: 63 views: 4,220
Avatar for Transmisser
Transmisser 1 day ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

Wavesfactory Announce Spectre Multi-band Enhancer Plug-in Wavesfactory, creators of innovative plug-ins and Kontakt...

The Press Desk
replies: 209 views: 24,004
Avatar for JfromRVA
JfromRVA 1 day ago
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PreSonus Expands Thunderbolt Interface Line with Quantum 2626 Baton Rouge, Louisiana—January 2019… The newest model...

The Press Desk
replies: 153 views: 14,894
Avatar for PeteJames
PeteJames 1 day ago
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MOTU releases M2 and M4 USB-C Bus Powered Interfaces MOTU is now shipping the M2 and M4, two new USB bus-powered audio...

The Press Desk
replies: 557 views: 123,485
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jbuonacc 1 day ago
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Novation announces new Launchpad Pro MK3 Launchpad Pro is our most powerful 64-pad MIDI grid controller for producing:...

The Press Desk
replies: 32 views: 4,455
Avatar for Paul_xyz
Paul_xyz 1 day ago


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