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Universal Audio Ships OX Amp Top Box — A Premium Reactive Load Box and Guitar Recording System Giving guitarists...

The Press Desk
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Universal Audio 31 minutes ago
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I don't know what kind of voodoo these guys are up to, but they are KILLING it. Another amazing amp plugin...

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elambo 1 hour ago
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The Orion Studio Synergy Core is the most powerful audio interface on the market that offers unprecedented FX processing power...

Antelope Audio
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zamm 1 hour ago
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Trident Audio has announced and is now shipping the new ten slot 500 series rack chassis, the Trident Audio Deca-Dent. Street...

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ManMulcahy 1 hour ago
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Anyone here know when this puppy will get released? Cannot wait to toss my Faderport in the trash (read: sell on...

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CurseesConnect 2 hours ago
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Wes Audio announces _PROMETHEUS analog passive EQ and _CALYPSO audio interface for 500 series _PROMETHEUS is fully analog...

The Press Desk
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szyam 2 hours ago
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Hey guys, We have a new plugin out that we launched at NAMM, and I'm super excited to get it out to you. It's called...

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mljung 5 hours ago
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sonible releases smart:EQ 2 With smart:EQ 2, the high-end audio plug-in maker sonible releases the first major update...

The Press Desk
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sonio 5 hours ago
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Invisible Limiter G2 | A.O.M. New limiter from AOM! Any opinions? Focus on Limiting, Once Again Loudness war is over,...

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phantomcenter 6 hours ago
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The new Orion32 HD Anaheim, Calif., January 9, 2017 —Antelope Audio , a leading interface company specializing in world class...

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BHW 7 hours ago
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So we finally had this crazy yet extremely simple thing going on: Verbtone v.2 Build plates, measure and analyse, model using...

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mljung 7 hours ago
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Softube releases Harmonics Analog Saturation Processor Start a fire! Dynamic analog distortion in the box with...

The Press Desk
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rhysmix 9 hours ago
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Softube Launches Official Weiss DS1-MK3 Mastering Plug-in Mastering compression, limiting, and de-essing without compromise....

The Press Desk
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rhysmix 9 hours ago
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Hi all, It's been an intense period of work, and we are now very pleased to present TrackComp - 5 compressors in one, mostly...

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kuulart 9 hours ago
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Neumann's first studio headphone - presenting the NDH 20 Neumann.Berlin is expanding its product...

The Press Desk
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rhysmix 9 hours ago
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KRK Releases ROKIT Generation 4 at 2019 Winter NAMM Show All-new, ground up monitor design with onboard DSP room tuning...

The Press Desk
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Noctambulant 11 hours ago
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CLICK HERE FOR OFFICIAL VIDEO WITH INFO AND DEMOS: YouTube I’m so happy to announce the addition of Overloud THU Slate...

Steven Slate
replies: 486 views: 55,881
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vns 11 hours ago
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Kuassa releases second amp simulator using Kuassa’s 3rd gen tube simulation engine. Proudly brought you the heritage of the...

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dimitar 11 hours ago
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Solid State Logic Logic Launches Fusion New colours from the masters of analogue. Solid State Logic is extremely...

The Press Desk
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JSchlomo 12 hours ago
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We're pleased to announce our next audio plugin, which also takes the quality of London Acoustics to the next level, with no...

London Acoustics
replies: 347 views: 30,762
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London Acoustics 13 hours ago
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Greetings and salutations to all!!! Available...

Vertigo Sound
replies: 248 views: 29,724
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Bob Olhsson 15 hours ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

Brainworx brings acclaimed analog synth module back to the future with breathtaking bx_oberhausen VI debut “The...

The Press Desk
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Methlab 16 hours ago
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Output, Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of PORTAL, a granular synthesis FX plugin that transforms audio in a...

replies: 43 views: 6,577
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DRAZERS 16 hours ago
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Still more great stuff from Antelope. Unbelievable array of i/o and DSP capabilities!! Goliath Thunderbolt, USB & MADI...

replies: 527 views: 41,846
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Sinamsis 17 hours ago
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Offering Serge-esque Panels ! These are mostly Serge Panels ,i make use also of few Wiard and Buchla Modules ,configuration can...

replies: 5 views: 1,476
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Realtugs 19 hours ago
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Warm Audio introduces the WA-251 Tube Condenser Microphone The WA-251 was created to offer a classic microphone design...

The Press Desk
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monkeyxx 19 hours ago
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Today, AEA is excited to introduce the KU5A. The supercardioid KU5A breaks new ground in ribbon technology with its acutely...

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[email protected] 19 hours ago
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Hi Guys, following up on our desk stand for Faderport2, here's a Lux version for the Faderport...

replies: 25 views: 2,298
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Jared1426 20 hours ago
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Release in a few days. PUBLIC BETA OUT NOW via Plugin...

replies: 269 views: 61,426
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Eric Stravinsky 21 hours ago
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It’s been 20 years since Empirical Labs released its first compressor, The Distressor. From those early days on, Empirical...

The Press Desk
replies: 4,500 views: 729,690
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Dave Derr 21 hours ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

LiquidSonics’ Seventh Heaven Professional is dedicated to the reproduction of the most sought after hardware reverberation...

The Press Desk
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joelfarr 23 hours ago
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Using SlickEQ and lots of VOS plugins, so Im pretty excited and I have no problem with paying for it! I would love to pay...

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FabienTDR 1 day ago
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Focusrite Launches 3rd-Generation Scarlett Range Los Angeles, CA, July 2, 2019 – Focusrite announces the 3rd...

The Press Desk
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satissounds 1 day ago
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Looks like it is finally here. Simpler, faster (0.5% cpu?), DSP (7 instances on a single chip!), fantastic...

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quintosardo 1 day ago
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Kush’s Newest Secret Weapon is… Very, Very...

u b k
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dublave 1 day ago
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CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO Fifteen years ago, before all the modeled analog gear, before all the touchscreen consoles, and before...

Steven Slate
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Clonkified 1 day ago
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Los Angeles, October 8, 2014 — Building on its unrivaled pedigree of high-end mastering solutions like Eclipse 384, leading...

replies: 487 views: 72,645
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jigdagod 1 day ago
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The result of nine years of R&D, PreSonus’ new third-generation StudioLive® Series III digital console/recorders are...

The Press Desk
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Traveler 1 day ago
Avatar for poshook

The plugin version of this legendary piece of gear, bx_console Focusrite SC continues the tradition started by our bx_console N...

replies: 258 views: 39,095
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DannyMac 1 day ago
Avatar for DrUninstall

Hi! We are very proud to announce The SA-EQP1A, one of our most ambitious projects to date. Until now, there wasn’t any product...

replies: 416 views: 34,484
Avatar for joshuanaconda
joshuanaconda 1 day ago
Avatar for AdmiralQuality - Stunning Phaser Stunning Phaser is an...

replies: 335 views: 17,305
Avatar for AdmiralQuality
AdmiralQuality 1 day ago
Avatar for SignalsAudio

Hey Gearslutz! Just released a new plugin. It's called "DeBleeder" and it removes drum bleed! :) Here's a...

replies: 128 views: 23,288
Avatar for frans
frans 1 day ago
Avatar for DrUninstall

Stam Audio 1073MPA - Dual Channel Preamp – Limited Run - 100 Units We are very happy to...

replies: 134 views: 23,496
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joshuanaconda 1 day ago
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Plugin Alliance goes Subscription Los Angeles, CA, July 15 2019 – Plugin Alliance is proud to announce the...

The Press Desk
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Avatar for Monkey Man
Monkey Man 1 day ago
Avatar for sigmatibet

DSP-Quattro kfhkh

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sdaino 1 day ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

Propellerhead Becomes Reason Studios & Unveils Reason 11 as a Plugin Reason Rack Plugin sets the stage for a new...

The Press Desk
replies: 140 views: 16,069
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themixtape 1 day ago
Avatar for Diogo C

Dynaudio announces two new subwoofers: Links: 9S: 18S: :cowbell:

Diogo C
replies: 10 views: 2,028
Avatar for Insider25
Insider25 1 day ago
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I saw this from across a crowded Facebook.

Seamus TM
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Avatar for Seamus TM
Seamus TM 1 day ago
Avatar for Antelope Audio

A hot-rodded upgrade to Antelope's popular Discrete 4 audio interface, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core gives you dual DSP chips plus...

Antelope Audio
replies: 127 views: 17,196
Avatar for lespaul666
lespaul666 1 day ago
Avatar for raddistribution

In June 2018, Avantone Pro released the Cla-10 studio monitors, which became the #1 selling passive studio monitor in the world....

replies: 53 views: 8,806
Avatar for N1Greg
N1Greg 1 day ago


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