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Schaack Audio Technologies releases AnalogQ Equalize like it's analog AnalogQ allows you to equalize your material the...

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Endor 32 minutes ago
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:facepalm Pro Tools | Ultimate Pricing Individuals Enterprise & Institutions MOST POPULAR $999.00 1-Year...

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Aziak 58 minutes ago
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Dear fellow Gearslutz, we have good news for users of TRIUMPH, MYRIAD, AURA, SPECTRE and LOOP EDITOR: they're back! As...

Denis Goekdag
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joachime 1 hour ago
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True Iron is a new plugin made by Shane McFee in conjunction with Devin Powers (Powers Music Company). It accurately emulates...

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robshrock 2 hours ago
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Free compressor with perfect curves Clean compressor with punchy...

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Karloff70 2 hours ago
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Crave DSP have released version 2 of the Crave EQ, equalizer plugin for mixing and...

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blaugruen7 2 hours ago
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IK Multimedia releases T-RackS Tape Machine Collection for T-RackS 5 New tape sim plug-ins recreate the iconic character...

The Press Desk
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blinkSaunders 3 hours ago
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“The new HEDD product line demonstrates what can be achieved today both in audio quality and control versatility. We...

The Press Desk
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dickiefunk 3 hours ago
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Hello Everybody, Happy to introduce to the forum the Stam Audio SA-609, an exact replica of the famous vintage Neve 33609...

Stam Audio
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ori9inal 3 hours ago
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PreSonus have released the Quantum 4848 Thunderbolt interface. 32 analogue IO over line level Dsubs. 16 channels of ADAT...

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damien 3 hours ago
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Here is a new 500 series compressor from...

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dogma 4 hours ago
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It’s been 20 years since Empirical Labs released its first compressor, The Distressor. From those early days on, Empirical...

The Press Desk
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DJ Bechara 4 hours ago
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TBProAudio releases mvMeter2, a multivariable meter including RMS, EBUR128, VU and PPM measurement. mvMeter2 is the successor...

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TBProAudio 5 hours ago
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Vintage sound, modern combo: Softube and Chandler Limited® release Zener-Bender Linköping, Sweden, April 1st, 2020: A...

The Press Desk
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d2dsf 9 hours ago
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Just showed up on their web page... KT-2A | Compressors/Limiters | Signal Processors | Klarkteknik | Categories | MUSIC Tribe

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d2dsf 9 hours ago
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Warm Audio announces WA-67 condenser microphone The original ’67 became one of the most sought-after and widely-used...

The Press Desk
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d2dsf 9 hours ago
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PreSonus announces Studio One 5 PreSonus Studio One 5 Delivers Extensive Live Performance and Scoring Features and Much...

The Press Desk
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CustomStudios 9 hours ago
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CLICK HERE FOR LAUNCH VIDEO VISIT THE VSX WEBPAGE Introducing the Steven Slate Audio VSX system. In 2001 I...

Steven Slate
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rcprod 9 hours ago
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Seems like this product is no longer a "metal affiliated" thing... From their...

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elambo 10 hours ago
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Just saw this: Balance Analog Magpha EQ plugin. — Balance...

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Surbitone 11 hours ago
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Silo SoundLabs Releases Trident Audio Plug-ins SiloDNA* modeling is extremely low latency, low CPU...

The Press Desk
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freezerman 12 hours ago
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TBProAudio announces ST1, a simple tool that helps to control the width and panning position of a stereo...

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ratzekind 12 hours ago
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From the irresistible retro flutters of Mellotron V to the nostalgic digital grit of Emulator II V, these virtual...

The Press Desk
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mrguano7 12 hours ago
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chrisjones 12 hours ago
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Colin McCabe 13 hours ago
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Hi, Now, all Analog Obsession plugins are "donation-ware". This situation is really sad after 3 years but can't...

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Rickskii 14 hours ago
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Hi everyone, I’m really happy to be back here to share with you what’s next from Tone...

Rune L-H
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Rune L-H 14 hours ago
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Empirical Labs announces availability of its BIG FrEQTM plug-in, partially extrapolated from its Lil FrEQ...

The Press Desk
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Karloff70 14 hours ago
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The Hardware Works in all major DAWs Mac & PC as VST3 / AU / AAX Can Host VST2 / VST3 / AU in your DAW Proprietary...

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bace 15 hours ago
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All Plugins & Products - Plugin Alliance Out now, Plugin Alliance Exclusive. The bx_2098 EQ is a model of the famous 9098...

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nichttuntun 16 hours ago
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IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube® 5 - the acclaimed guitar and bass tone studio is now available for download And a...

The Press Desk
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Peter - IK 16 hours ago
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Solid State Logic launches SSL 2 and SSL 2+ Audio Interfaces Professional personal and collaborative studio packages bring...

The Press Desk
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MilliVanilli 16 hours ago
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KUASSA CERBERUS BASS AMP Product page, with sound samples...

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Illusionaire 17 hours ago
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Hello everyone, I've just released an App that allows you to midi map and control the Console software from UAD. You can check...

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misa 17 hours ago
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It's our 10th anniversary at Wavesfactory! In order to celebrate, we are offering a new plugin for free: Cassette...

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Wavesfactory 18 hours ago
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TBProAudio announces Euphonia 2, a spectrum matching plugin for the mastering stage. Euphonia 2 "copies"...

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TBProAudio 19 hours ago
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TBProAudio updates dpMeterXT to 2.0, a precise 10 channel multi-meter supporting all relevant broadcast, streaming and music...

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TBProAudio 19 hours ago
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TBProAudio announces CS-5501, a channel strip plugin with EQ, gate/expander, deesser compressor, limiter and saturation, flexible...

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TBProAudio 19 hours ago
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Acustica and Xelius present Cobalt, first analog modelled Dynamic EQ Cobalt is an absolute novelty and totally different product...

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think2wice 20 hours ago
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PreSonus Expands Thunderbolt Interface Line with Quantum 2626 Baton Rouge, Louisiana—January 2019… The newest model...

The Press Desk
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Ox Han 21 hours ago
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TDR Kotelnikov is a wideband dynamics processor combining high fidelity dynamic range control with deep musical flexibility. As...

Diogo C
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sircuit 21 hours ago
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TAL just put out their Jupiter-8 emulation. Thought it worthy of it's own New Products thread. rockout Haven't had...

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Cpl. Punishment 22 hours ago
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For all Audeze headphones users there's a new plugin available...

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caton 1 day ago
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Holy crap, this was in my Instagram feed. If this sounds half as great as it!

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AudioScape 1 day ago
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It's been a while since the last update of Reviver, our acclaimed harmonic distortion plugin - mostly because it just works....

JMJ Auer
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Tod Slaughter 1 day ago
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Release in a few days. PUBLIC BETA OUT NOW via Plugin...

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cfen 1 day ago
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Hello all, I am a Custom Studio furniture fabricator. All units are custom made to order. NO MDF, only maple wood /birch /metal...

MD. Group
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MD. Group 1 day ago
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Audiophile sound meets portability. Planar is the culmination of Avantone's experience in creating reference-grade monitoring...

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jardron 1 day ago
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Hampshire, UK, 6th Jan 2021 - As the world of audio continues to evolve, audio tech company Audient does the same,...

The Press Desk
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andyfromHH 1 day ago
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Stochas is a revolutionary new type of step sequencer that has a unique randomisation engine. Designed to work either in mono...

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MutantHero 1 day ago