Build Your Own Neve Console!

The Neve 88 hundred range provides all the facilities of a Neve console in a modular form. All the range includes Recall software for Mac and PC that allows complex settings to be stored and recalled for multiple unit set-ups. Now you can build up your own Neve console unit by unit!

The flexible console concept has been thought out carefully by Neveโ€™s analogue engineering team. Not just another set of units, the 88 range provides a complete set of tools for recording, mixing and mastering.

Systems can be built around the 8816 summing mixer, 8804 faders can provide real time control, 8802 and 8803 units add Dynamics and EQ to channels, the 8801 provides the perfect recording signal path. Companion product the 9001 Dual Valve Amp can add that extra warmth and sheen to a recording.

Neve President Tom Misner explains, โ€œThis is an incredibly flexible way to create a recording set up. Units can be added as needed or as finance is available. The end result is a Neve console โ€“ what more could anybody want?โ€

Individually and collectively, the 88 Outboard Series delivers the legendary Neve sound. Neve consoles defined the breakthrough in recording technology that created so many classic recordings through the 1970s and 80s. And now Neve delivers the next breakthrough, defining how classic sounds can be achieved in the workstation age.