So finally the Phoenix Audio DRS-EQ/500 is now shipping. Anyone at AES in NYC in October or Namm in January would have seen our pre-production units and possibly some of the videos on Youtube from SOS, Harmony Central & Soundpure.

We now have all detented pots on the EQ section with 21 positions and a HPF set at 80hz

Also 11 switchable frequencies
16 db cut/boost on each band
HF & LF are shelving
Both MF are set as bell EQ

This is basically the same EQ circuit as the DRSQ4M mk2 with a few tweaks and like the DRS1R/500 it also runs at 24V due to its special onboard PSU which means it sounds very thick & punchy not brittle like if its was running at 16v.

Any questions as ever

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