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Liquid Notes - music intelligence Modular Synthesizers
Old 15th October 2013
Gear Nut

@Thuneau: Apologies, I forgot to list them in the post above.

At present the special price of $99.95 is live with these retailers only, more will follow in the next days:

United States
- Audio Deluxe
- JRR Shop

United Kingdom
- Prime Plugins
- Plugin Boutique

- Best Service

The promo ends on October 31, 2013. Note that resellers may be subject to local VAT regulations in their country of operation, thus prices may differ between resellers and from the price advertised above.

Tip: If you cannot find the advertised special offer price, please switch to another currency at checkout!

Old 30th October 2013
Gear Nut

Just bought it at the JRR site, it ended up being only $84 with some kind of group buy discount they automatically added. Really liking what it can do so far...
Old 30th October 2013
Gear Nut

@frico: Thanks for letting us know, and great that you like Liquid Notes! If there's anything you need help with, let us know - happy to provide some tips.

This hasn't been mentioned here before, so let us add it: you can also link Liquid Notes to notation software such as Sibelius, Finale, Overture, and others. It works the same as with a sequencer, and has been received positive by people using those tools.

Old 14th November 2013
Gear Addict


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Old 28th November 2013
Lives for gear
wakestyle's Avatar
New interface improvements are fantastic, a huge improvement.
Old 28th November 2013
Gear Nut

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Weekend Sales

For those of you who have missed out on the October Special of Liquid Notes, here is our Black Friday / Cyber Monday special:

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals:

You can now get Liquid Notes for $99.95 only directly from us (click: here), or at any participating retailer.

Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY13 at checkout on our website -

Sales ends at midnight of Dec 2, 2013!
Old 20th December 2013
New update: Liquid Notes 1.5.2: Piano roll, MIDI clock-sync and tempo adjustment

Old 20th December 2013
Gear Nut

Liquid Notes 1.5.2 is now available!

Thanks @imaginaryday for sharing the news! Here is more from us.

Liquid Notes becomes a DAW. Almost.

Our powerful songwriting assistant software now features a piano roll, providing information on a single-note level. Just like a DAW does. And there's also MIDI clock-sync and tempo adjustment for a better workflow with your DAW or notation software.

Liquid Notes 1.5.2 is a continuation of the design approach for the user interface and user experience, introduced with the major overhaul in October this year. The addition of a piano roll gives the users much more insight into the power of Liquid Notes and educates them in harmony.

Enhanced overview
  • A more granular piano roll presents information on a single-note level and makes it possible to follow any changes made to the arrangement by Liquid Notes when substituting chords, adding tension, or changing chord functions.

Better workflow
  • MIDI clock synchronization for recording & playback between Liquid Notes and the DAW ensures both applications to completely run in sync.
  • A tempo adjustment function in Liquid Notes allows you to define the tempo of the song by beats per minute.
  • A recalculation button has been added to each chord for reharmonization of that particular area if the harmonic analysis didn't deliver satisfactory results.

Additionally, several bugs have been fixed and a few technical flaws have been removed for this update.

The free update is live on our website now, download it here. For reactivation of the test period get in touch at [email protected].

Liquid Notes is on sale until EOY for $99.95 only. Use coupon code XMAS13 at checkout on our website!

We hope you like the update! Share your comments, feedback, wishes, etc. below.

Old 1st February 2014
Gear interested

Just found out about this today, eagerly awaiting another sale!
Old 5th February 2014
Gear Nut

Originally Posted by Toomanylions View Post
Just found out about this today, eagerly awaiting another sale!
We'll have something for you soon again, there's also a small version update in the making too! Stay tuned.

Old 5th February 2014
Gear Nut

Beta Testing: Liquid Notes for Live 9

FYI: We announced this earlier this week on our Facebook fan page, so we're repeating the call here.

We are calling out to all beta testers who have an interest to participate in giving the beta version of Liquid Notes for Ableton Live 9 a spin. No more import/export between Liquid Notes and Ableton Live, our powerful algorithms for harmony & melody editing now run directly in Live.

If you are interested please send us an email to [email protected]!

We'll open a separate thread for this new product once it is ready for release!

Old 7th February 2014
Gear Nut

Liquid Notes now available!

We have included some minor changes in Liquid Notes that result in a more stable build, and better communication between third party software that is delivered with the installation package of our software. Most of the changes are under the hood, so you will most probably not notice them!

Feel free to upgrade to the latest build on our website!

Old 26th February 2014
Gear Nut

I was impressed with the responsiveness of the Re-compose team in troubleshooting and adding customer requirements since 2012. Thank you that we no longer have to Import or Export MIDI to/from the DAW and that you made it standalone ( never connecting to your servers to pre-process the harmony analysis or anything else.)

If only larger, filthy-rich, companies could be so attentive! I love Apple but they are slower than the American government in responding to many important requests, ex: Logic 9 and X persistent CPU core mismanagement problem.

At my current intermediate level as a composer, I NEED Liquid Notes ability to explore ideas I would never have thought of as quickly on my own. I am sold! Will demo it this week.

Is your code 100% pure Java? If so, I am proud!

Is Java the reason you can add features so quickly? I suspect so because I was a making similar composition assist/training software in music notation form in Java SE. I loved programming in Java!

In my prototyping, I was surprised Java could refresh Java 2D graphics, highlighting and playing back 32nd notes on my 867 Mhz stress test Mac, at a quick tempo. That was interpreted bytecode before the run-time compilation kicked in!

I never completed the project. Once I get the time away from composing ( if ever), I might release my code as a music notation framework for Java or arrange for someone else to use my code.

I drew everything programmatically, score lines, clef symbols, notes, stems, rests. It was gorgeous, zoomable to any percentage. I wanted notation software to be as user friendly as a video game.

If your design manages object instantiation and threading properly, the user experience is never slow and garbage collection never slows anything else down. The program ran unchanged from my Eclipse IDE on Mac and Windows.

With the Java security problems fixed, everyone should do desktop development using Java IMHO. Your software, and others', is proof that Java works well. Of course, security problems were never from apps downloaded from trusted sites in the first place...right? but the PR was still bad.

Oracle is serious about Java security. See this presentation for Java developers ( very boring to musicians ):
Secure Coding Guidelines for the Java Programming Language - YouTube
10 Minute Java Security - YouTube
Old 28th February 2014
Gear Nut

@umarekawaru: Thanks for those comments, and apologies for the late reply to your post! We've had our hands full in the past two days since the release of our second product, Liquid Notes for Live.

We are doing our best to have short cycle times in providing updates to you. And we wouldn't be able to do that without the priceless feedback each of you has provided - we listen very closely to what you say, and run a lot of (technical) analysis internally to understand how those questions, remarks, wishes, etc. could be solved. Not everything is feasible, and some items have a higher priority than others. Overall, we try to balance it out nicely between the cost of development and the benefit for the user.

Liquid Notes is written entirely in Java, and while that gives the advantage for cross-platform support it is not necessarily the reason why we are able to be quicker than the other players you mentioned. I'd say that we're simply a lean, small organization that has their ears close to the customer and tries to implement them as quickly as possible. Mind you though, there are some 'blockbuster' features asked for by customers, and those aren't a quick implementation. So, I guess it's a matter of the point of view too and what constitutes being fast - in any case, we'll continue to push updates quickly.

Java certainly has some advantages in that it is an easy programming language, and - if done correctly - it performs nicely on older or low-powered machines. We've optimized our code towards real-time application, that helps too. And even though Apple has essentially banned Java for app development on iOS, it remains one of the most popular programming languages. The recent security issues didn't play well into Java's cards, but Oracle fixed those and our users haven't been at risk with what we do. It's always a PR game, all the more so when some powerful companies are involved.

We'd definitely would like to hear more about the project you did! Send us an email at [email protected], and I'll get you in touch with the right person in our development team.

Hope this answers your questions!

Old 28th February 2014
Gear Nut

Originally Posted by bliquid25 View Post
Liquid Notes is written entirely in Java
Wow. Kudos to your development team. Well done!

Originally Posted by bliquid25 View Post
We'd definitely would like to hear more about the project you did! Send us an email at [email protected], and I'll get you in touch with the right person in our development team.
Ok, great! I'll do that after I get a large project out the door in March. With my head solely on music for a few years, I'll have to blow the dust off my code and UML diagram, and look it over.
Old 8th March 2014
Gear Nut

@umarekawaru: Thanks! We certainly look forward to hear from you!

All the best for your project in the meanwhile.

Old 26th May 2014
Gear Nut

Special Offer for Liquid Notes - $99 only!

Special Offer: Liquid Notes for $99 only!

Liquid Notes is on sale until June 15, 2014, for only $99.

Use coupon code LNGOAL14 at checkout on our website to get your discount on Liquid Notes (standalone, for all DAWs). Liquid Notes for Live (MIDI effect, for Ableton Live 9) is on sale too for $69 only. For the differences between the two versions, see here.

More information about the promo in this article.

Old 5th June 2014
Gear Nut

Liquid Notes 1.5.3 released

One-Click Export of MIDI Arrangements

Today we released version 1.5.3. of Liquid Notes, which features drag & drop file export onto other applications, your desktop or file manager.

Click and hold down on the button indicated in red in the screenshot above, and after 1s you can now drag your entire arrangement out of Liquid Notes. Drop the file onto any other application you use for music creation, or simply save the file to the desktop or any folder of your choice. Once you take the finger off your mouse button, the file will be dropped there.

Here's all the improvements we packed into this update:
  • MIDI files can now be dragged out of Liquid Notes, dropped onto other programs, or saved to the file manager for a more comfortable workflow.
  • The window Settings now features a link "Learn more" in the bottom left corner. Click on it to find information on each of the settings listed for the tab/window open.
  • The MIDI Clock Sync feature is now turned "off" by default, and some bugs related to it have been fixed. *
  • Empty MIDI files will now report the error message "Invalid MIDI", telling the user to check the MIDI file.
  • The selector for the target scale of LN Live has been moved from the bottom right of the main window to Settings. In its place, the current scale is shown at all times now.
  • We included some libraries with relevance for the Java RunTime installation on your system to operate correctly. This ensures that Java is installed correctly and that no components are missing.

Overall, you get more comfort when operating the software and better guidance.

The update is available for download on our website and is free of charge. Simply download the update and install it, there is no need to deinstall a previous version!

On a side note, the sales event for Liquid Notes continues until June 15, 2014. Use promo code LNGOAL14 to get the software for $99 only!


*: You can change this Playback Sync in Settings, "Listen to MIDI clock", if Liquid Notes goes into auto-play or ignores the activation of "Play/Stop". This is the setting you want to check as some synth may deliver an erroneous MIDI clock signal.
Old 6th June 2014
Cool! just updated mine and seems stable.

question: when will you have various scale presets?
Old 6th June 2014
Gear Nut

Originally Posted by imaginaryday View Post
question: when will you have various scale presets?
Not sure if we understood the question correctly. We interpreted two possibilities from your statement:

(1) 'Forcing' your entire arrangement into a scale preset is difficult to accomplish technically, and is not foreseen.

(2) Adding more templates with different scales is doable, and is planned to be done soon.

Let me know which of the two you are referring to, or if there's something else you talked about. And, how you would use this.

It should help us better understand your question!

Old 10th June 2014
Gear Nut

Product Development at Re-Compose

Crowdsourcing a New User Interface for Liquid Notes

After last week's update of Liquid Notes to version 1.5.3 with the addition of a drag & drop feature for one-click export of MIDI arrangements and more features, this week we empower you to change the future of Liquid Notes:

We aim at creating a new user interface for better educational value, and that makes you feel like you are working in a DAW.

To do this, we have created a sketch of a possible new user interface and ask you help shape it. Tell us what you like or don't like about it, anything you would do different ... or, submit your own concept based on your ideas for a different Liquid Notes!

Find all instructions on our website: CLICK HERE. Feel free to comment here, or on our website!

We'd really like to make a difference and put you into the driving seat to change the future of Liquid Notes!

Old 25th October 2014
Gear Nut

Liquid Notes now compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite

We have released a new version of Liquid Notes that is compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10):

Apple made some significant changes on a system level in OS X Yosemite, requiring application developers to update their software. In the case of Liquid Notes, this means the license manager had to be replaced with a version that is compatible with OS X Yosemite.

The updated version of Liquid Notes is now available for download on our website, and is fully backwards compatible with older versions of Mac OS X.

Instructions on installing Liquid Notes on OS X Yosemite when updating from an earlier version of the operating system, find here.

Old 18th December 2014
Gear Nut

Liquid Notes Xmas sale

Happy holidays with Liquid Notes

The holidays are just a few days away, time to let Santa present what we have in store for you this Xmas.

Making a long story short, we've focused on bringing you multiple deals this year through our resellers with the aim for more choice. That gives you a variety of options, including buying from your preferred supplier.

Here's the current list of deals on offer at these resellers:
  • Best Service of Germany provides a 2-for-1 offer when combining Liquid Notes with another product in their catalogue
  • JRR Shop of the US West Coast gives you a nice discount on Liquid Notes
  • Plugin Boutique of the UK holds short of that, and will throw in another deal shortly

We will update this list for any other deals that are on offer. Stay tuned on our Facebook page, as we announce each deal there too!

We're looking forward to a great new year with you in 2015!

Have some great holidays,
Old 2nd February 2015
Gear Nut

New, update routing information for FL Studio

FL Studio remains one of the most popular DAWs, and we have had a fair number of customers reaching out to us inquiring about the routing settings for connection between FL Studio and Liquid Notes.

Rather than doing another video tutorial, we decided it's better to add more information to the FAQ. So, we created that FAQ from scratch and added more picture material, but also more information on what settings to look for in FL Studio.

Find the updated FAQ here:

RE-COMPOSE | How do I set up FL Studio to work with L...

We've had the first user giving this a try, who reported that it worked well for him. Should there be anything that you're missing, please let us know!

Old 8th February 2015
Gear Nut

Liquid Notes on sale until end of February

We have agreed with some select resellers on a 30% off promotion for Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live until end of February.

You can get those deals at the following resellers:

If you can't find any of the deals, reach out to us at [email protected]!

Old 16th February 2015
Gear Nut

Liquid Notes now available at Cutoff Pro Audio and Intermusic Pro

We're happy to announce that we've signed two new reseller in Spain for Liquid Notes.

As of today, you are able to buy the software at either of these resellers:
For customers in Spain this gives you more flexibility to buy local. Find all dealers listed by country on this page - Purchase a Full License of Liquid Notes from Our Partners or Directly on Our Website | RE-COMPOSE

Old 22nd February 2015
Originally Posted by bliquid25 View Post
(2) Adding more templates with different scales is doable, and is planned to be done soon.

Let me know which of the two you are referring to, or if there's something else you talked about. And, how you would use this.

It should help us better understand your question!

Adding more templates with different scales
Old 3rd May 2015
Gear Nut

Liquid Notes now compatible with Java 8 on Windows

This has taken us a fairly long time to complete, nevertheless today we are happy to announce that Liquid Notes is now compatible with Java 8 on Windows.

You can download the software directly from our website:

Liquid Notes Software Download

Version of Liquid Notes is also backwards compatible with Java 6 and 7, so Windows XP users can keep on using the software.

The update is free of charge, and is available as of now.

P.S.: We keep on working hard to achieve compatibility with Java 8 on Mac, too. There we are awaiting a fix by Oracle in Java 8 before being able to release a version for Mac users. Read more here.

Old 19th January 2016
Gear Nut

Meet us at NAMM and get a 30% discount on Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes NAMM 2016 Special Offer

Re-Compose attends NAMM 2016 in Anaheim, North America's largest event for music merchants.

From our team Ariane Cap and Sara J. Crow will attend the event.

Ariane is an experienced bassist, educator, and author of the highly rated book "Music Theory for the Bass Player: A Comprehensive and Hands-on Guide to Playing with More Confidence and Freedom". Sara is an expert in content, communications and community management. Both have a long running track record in music production.

You can find Ariane at Marleaux BassGuitars, Exhibit Hall C, booth #4172 . Sara will move around the event area. Get in touch with us if you want to meet with them.

Special offer for Liquid Notes
We also offer an exclusive discount on Liquid Notes during NAMM. Use coupon code LN16NAMM to get a 30% discount after validation in the checkout form on our website.

The offer is valid until Jan 28, 2016 and applies to both versions of Liquid Notes .

Have fun at NAMM, and drop by to say Hello to us!

Old 1st February 2016
Gear Nut

Video review of Liquid Notes by Studio One Expert

David Mood of Studio One Expert sat down with us some weeks ago in our office for an introduction to Liquid Notes:

The above is a video he made on Liquid Notes. In it, he goes deep into all features for managing chord progressions with our software.

Thereby, he also notes that Liquid Notes rearranges notes on all tracks simultaneously if needed. And, that melody and scale are adapted automatically in this process.

We believe this is a solid introduction into Liquid Notes that is worth sharing.

P.S.: Not included is the LN Live feature, which enables you to improvise to a melody with your input being mapped to an output scale which fits this melody.

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