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Xill 8th December 2011 07:56 AM


Originally Posted by matt thomas (Post 7309002)
I haven't got the email yet. It's not ilok2 only is it?


No it's iLok1 also.

The email I receive was for those who recently bought AV6 and get the free upgrade to V7.

I'm sure everyone else will get the AV7 announcement email shortly.
That's the email I received:

Altiverb 7 will be ready real soon (end of this week), check it out:

Since you purchased after we annouced 7, you get the upgrade for free !

Altiverb 7 will be Mac only and it requires an iLok key.

According to our records you currently have a hard disk based challenge/response authorization for Altiverb 6. You can order an Altiverb 7 box with manual and an iLok key at Audio Ease for 30 EUR/35 USD incl. shipping (iLok keys cost $49.95 ex shipping elsewhere) once Altiverb 7 is released. Of course you can also order an iLok usb key ahead at your preferred pro audio dealer right now. Both iLok usb keys version 1 and 2 are supported. Many authorizations can be stored on a single key, so if you have one already for another product, possibly Pro Tools, you can use that iLok key for Altiverb 7 as well.

Best regards,

Audio Ease BV"

stephent28 8th December 2011 05:24 PM

Here is the message I got.....obviously no free upgrade offer for me but I have had 6 since it first came out.


Originally Posted by Audio Ease;


Good news and bad news.
Soon you will receive word about Altiverb 7 as we plan to release it this week. This release however will be Mac only, although the PC version is in the works.

We have decided not to postpone release of the Altiverb 7 Mac version until the Windows version is ready. Unfortunately we cannot tell you yet when Altiverb 7 for Windows will be available. However, your upgrade to version 7 will be free of charge in case you purchased in January 2010 or later. For the time being Altiverb 6 will remain being sold for the Windows platform.

In case you want to respond, please direct your mail to [email
[email protected][/email] to ensure the swiftest possible answer.

Best regards,

Audio Ease BV

Steamy Williams 8th December 2011 05:45 PM

I have Alitverb 6 XL, which is EUR 159.00 to upgrade to version 7 XL.

I'm curious to know how much it is to upgrade the regular version. The website site will only show me the price to upgrade the version that I have registered.

Hardtoe 8th December 2011 06:24 PM

I'm gettting $215 US for Altiverb 6 to 7 (not XL).

Seems like a whole damn lot for a better browser and an algorithmic reverb tail.

I have bought several full reverbs of equal/more usefulness then Altiverb for way less then this recently.

I think I'll pass - $99 might have got me....

stephent28 8th December 2011 07:46 PM


Originally Posted by Hardtoe (Post 7310641)
I'm gettting $215 US for Altiverb 6 to 7 (not XL).
I think I'll pass - $99 might have got me....

plus the upgrade is XL is over $600.

Good thing I am so happy with 6.

I bet if they have lower than expected upgrades due to the price we might see a reduction or sale within 4-6 months.