Tri**** style classic four band equalizer.

- Switchable High Shelf : 8kHz / 12kHz \/ +/-15dB

- Switchable Low Shelf : 60Hz / 120Hz \/ +/-15dB

- Switchable High Pass Filter : 50Hz

- Sweepable Low Mid : 100Hz to 1500Hz \/ +/-15dB

- Sweepable High Mid : 1kHz to 15kHz \/ +/-15dB

- Input & Output Controls : +/-15dB

- VU Meter for output level

Re-designed whole circuit and optimized code for better processing and low CPU usage.

And finally!

There is "readout" for knobs with user input!

Note : There is difference between High Mid and Low Mid frequency knobs' readouts. While Low Mid shows values in Hz, High Mid will show values in kHz. So, you should type value in Hz for Low Mid and kHz for High Mid. For example, 140 for Low Mid to point 140Hz and 1.3 for High Mid to point 1.3kHz. Also, you can use four digits for High Mid. For example, 1.36 or 1.364.


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